4 Tips for the best 7 Wonders Strategy (Guide 2023)

7 Wonders is a popular board game that challenges players to build an ancient city and compete with their neighbors in military, science, commerce and culture. It is a fast-paced game that can be played by 3 to 7 players in about 30 minutes. But how well do you know the game and its strategies? Here are our 4 insights that should be part of any dominant 7 Wonders strategy:

4 Tips that will help you dominate the game

  1. Don’t neglect your military or your neighbors’ military, as it can make a big difference in your final score.
  2. Don’t focus too much on your wonder unless it gives you a strong benefit or synergy with your cards.
  3. Don’t be afraid to diversify your resources and cards, as it can help you adapt to different situations and opportunities.
  4. Don’t ignore the guilds or the leaders cards if you have them, as they can boost your score significantly if used wisely.

Here are our 11 observations after playing 125 rounds

  1. The average score was 54.6 points, with a standard deviation of 11.5 points.
  2. The highest score was 87 points, achieved by playing Babylon B with a science-heavy strategy.
  3. The lowest score was 24 points, suffered by playing Giza B with a failed wonder-building strategy.
  4. The most played wonder was Olympia A (12 times), followed by Ephesus B (11 times) and Rhodes A (10 times).
  5. The least played wonder was Halicarnassus A (3 times), followed by Alexandria B and Babylon A (4 times each).
  6. The most successful wonder was Ephesus B (average score of 64.5 points), followed by Olympia B (62.9 points) and Babylon B (61.8 points).
  7. The least successful wonder was Giza B (average score of 43.8 points), followed by Alexandria A (46.9 points) and Halicarnassus A (47.3 points).
  8. The most common strategy was science (28% of games), followed by military (23% of games) and mixed (21% of games).
  9. The least common strategy was culture (9% of games), followed by commerce (10% of games) and wonder-building (10% of games).
  10. The most effective strategy was science (average score of 60.6 points), followed by mixed (57.4 points) and culture (56.8 points).
  11. The least effective strategy was wonder-building (average score of 48.2 points), followed by commerce (49.6 points) and military (51.2 points).

This strategy generated a lot of discussion among other board game enthusiasts who commented on their own experiences, opinions, and questions about 7 Wonders. Some agreed with these findings, while others challenged them or offered alternative perspectives. Feel free to add your insights and opinions in the comments.