Why did Adin Ross leave Twitch for Kick.com?

Adin Ross, one of the most controversial and popular streamers on Twitch, has shocked his fans by announcing his official platform switch to Kick, a new streaming service that promises more freedom and revenue for creators. In a YouTube video titled “Live every day”, Adin Ross explained his reasons for leaving Twitch and joining Kick, which included fair and unambiguous Terms of Service, a 95-5 revenue split, and other seemingly amazing deals.

Adin Ross has been banned from Twitch seven times for various reasons, such as using homophobic slurs, gambling on stream, and violating COVID-19 guidelines. He said he was tired of Twitch’s inconsistent and unfair policies that restricted his creativity and expression. He also claimed that Twitch took too much of his earnings and did not support him enough as a partner.

On Kick, Adin Ross said he would be able to stream whatever he wanted without worrying about getting banned or demonetized. He also said he would be able to interact with his fans more directly and offer them exclusive content and rewards. He said he was excited to join Kick’s growing community of streamers, which includes other big names like Roshtein, who also left Twitch for similar reasons.

However, not everyone was happy with Adin Ross’s decision. Some of his fans expressed their disappointment and anger in the comments section of his YouTube video and on Reddit. They accused him of selling out, betraying his loyal supporters, and joining a shady platform that could scam him or go bankrupt at any time. They also doubted that Kick would be able to provide a stable and secure service for both streamers and viewers.

Some users also pointed out the irony of Adin Ross’s slogan “Live every day”, since he rarely streamed on Twitch due to his frequent bans or personal issues. They mocked him for being lazy, dishonest, and hypocritical. They also predicted that he would lose most of his audience and relevance by moving to Kick.