Amberlynn Reid Weight-Loss: From Rock Bottom to Surgery

Amberlynn Reid is a social media personality who is famous for posting daily YouTube vlogs and mukbankg videos. She is a 32 years old woman who is openly gay.

Fans mostly know Amberlynn for her fashion and lifestyle content, but also for her many controversies. She is very active on YouTube where she posts a new video every other day. Her channel features over 214,000 subscribers and around 138 million views. 

Starting Her Weigh-Loss Journey

She started her YouTube channel in 2013 with the purpose of documenting her weight-loss journey. There were many positive comments coming in from many fans about her brave decision. 

However, over the years, the fans noticed that Amberlynn almost doubled her weight when compared to her first weight-in video. Week after week her weight increased and she didn’t show any desire of changing her eating habits. 

As a solution to fixing her problem, Amberlynn decided to change the day on which she weights herself. Of course, this wasn’t a great solution as it didn’t help her lose any weight. In several of her videos, Amberlynn reveals that she struggles to avoid certain foods.

After receiving some negative comments about her weight-loss failure, she decided to set a New Year’s resolution to reach 299 pounds. In the first few months, she actually lose a good amount of weight, but then her discipline began to slip. 

One year after her resolution, she had the exact same weight. Her body weight kept on increasing significantly after her break up, which made her an emotional eater.

A few months after her breakup, Amberlynn decided to record and post mukbang videos. This has drastically increased her subscribers and view count on her videos.

However, this new lifestyle has resulted in more weight gain, which reached 482 LBS (218 Kg) in 2016. Just as a comparison, when Amberlynn started her weight-loss journey in 2013 she had 369 LBS (167 Kg).

Hitting Rock Bottom

Many fans have pointed out that Amberlynn starts a new diet almost every week and breaks them very quickly. But, not even the negative comments didn’t motivate her to change her diet.

In fact, she even started posting videos of her deliberately eating unhealthy just to gain viewers. New goals followed, but so did the failures. As of August 2018, Amberlynn reaches a new personal weight record of 525 LBS (238 Kg).

As things weren’t bad enough for her, in 2020 she revealed that she had womb cancer. All of this has made her consider weight-loss surgery. However, she needed to lose some weight before she could get that kind of surgery.

Maybe for the first time in her life, she managed to lose 89 LBS (219 Kg). But, she still hadn’t taken the much-needed surgery, for whatever reason. 

Recently, she posted a video where she says that she’s finally ready to take the big step. You should also know that Amberlynn regained her weight and is now at 508 LBS (230 Kg). She also believes that if she loses weight her views on YouTube would decline.