AyeZee’s Crypto Casino Career with Rollbits

AyeZee maintains that his gaming streams are genuine, despite the fact that he is winning an absurd amount of money. To demonstrate his commitment to openness, he has reaffirmed his previous comments and made his cryptocurrency wallet address public. His light sources, on the other hand, are not as well concealed as he believes. See how he manages to make his gambling wins seem genuine in the next video. Anyone who recalls AyeZee broadcasts from even a few years ago will recall that he wasn’t always such a big deal in the gaming community. As an alternative to risking hundreds of dollars on each spin, he would risk just a few bucks. However, his overall account earnings on roll bid now surpass $300 million, according to the most recent available data. 

During only a few short years, he went from wagering $10 on slots to being a multimillionaire who wagers six figures each stream. Everyone, of course, immediately began asking questions. How did AyeZee get to be so wealthy? The response from AyeZee was straightforward cryptography. According to him, he was able to become a self-made billionaire by investing in cryptocurrencies. And to demonstrate his point, he devised a great scheme to make his cryptocurrency wallet available to the public. 

AyeeZee trying to be transparent for his fans

On May 27, he declared on Twitter that he is preparing his wallet for public disclosure in order to ensure openness in the financial system. At first look, it seems that the AyeZee funds are legitimate and have been verified by the blockchain. That, on the other hand, does not demonstrate anything. Many times, genuine broadcasters would put their own money or real in-game stuff on the line, similar to the Twitch CSGO skin trade issue that erupted in 2016. Waiver payments were made to and received from the source, which is the equivalent of employing fictitious money. In AyeZee’s instance, he tries all in his ability to conceal this truth in order to avoid being discovered by the authorities. The fact that he purposely deletes his Twitch VOD history is in stark contrast to his use of the term transparency whenever he can. As soon as his station is taken down, all traces of his broadcasts are lost forever. The only video accessible of AyeZee’s casino gambling live stream is in the form of small snippets, which are largely available on his YouTube account. 

These videos have clearly been hand-picked by AyeZee in order to present a false front to his audience. When you consider how much he likes to brag about his so-called openness, it isn’t difficult to unearth damning evidence against him. He even stated the reason for each transaction on Twitter at first, making it very simple to track him down on the web of falsehoods he has woven around himself. We will look at the first but by no means the only, example of AyeZee’ money cycle in this article. In a press release issued on June 21, he said that take note of how he clearly said that he purchased an Etherium for $170,000 on his own. If you examine the blockchain, money seems to be coming from a buy Nance hot wallet and being transferred to his own wallet. So far, everything is going well. 

He didn’t tell the entire truth

We can even see the precise timing and amount of the transaction, which occurred about at six FM at 1315 Plus UTC. He then transfers the funds into his Rollbit intermediate wallet, which then sends the funds straight to the Rollbit. It is because of this that we now know many significant addresses, including, most critically, the primary address of Rollbit. Through the examination of the casino’s wallet and the examination of the same period, we may begin to see exceedingly strange activity. Just 27 minutes before his statement on Twitter, the 1248 Plus UTC Rollbit wallet transmits the almost same amount of 86.9 FM to the AyeZee by Nance intermediate wallet, which is held by Nance himself. To put it another way, Rollbit sent him $170,000 in Aetherium. We can recognize it as his by Nance wallet via an exchange, since AyeZee identified it as his personally. As soon as he withdraws the Etherium from the exchange, he informs his admirers through Twitter that he has purchased the metal, and he immediately goes to return it to the casino.

His gaming account has now been reloaded with risk-free cryptocurrency that has been financed by Rollbit. Due to the fact that there is nothing at risk for both the casino and him, he may play without feeling any regret or caution. He is duping viewers into a false sense of transparency in order to get them to join up for the casino using his promo code. Many more instances of Rollbit fund AyeZee Gambling sessions may be found on the internet. In his most recent return to live-streaming after a three-month sabbatical, he returned a few days before Christmas with an extravagant 1 million bonus hunt, which was the culmination of a three-month search. 

Over 1 Million in dubious winnings

It seems that the $1 million in Etherium comes from a by Nance trade once again, at least on the surface level. That’s where he got the Etherium from, and that’s why most of his admirers thought he got it legally. Although, when we look into Rollbit transactions in more detail, we can observe that they are once again manipulated. These individuals have provided the funds. When AyeZee’ activities begin, the casino wallet delivers the equal quantity of Eetherium to AyeZee via the Nance intermediate wallet, which takes place just five minutes before they begin. When looking into the wallet history of AyeZee’s and Rollbits, this harmful trend appears several times. 

It is also provable by anybody possessing this knowledge. So please feel free to do your own calculations and analysis. How come AyeZee doesn’t just go away with Rollbit’s and millions of dollars worth of cryptocurrency, if this is the case? It is possible that he is the one in charge of the cash, even if the transactions are true and his wallet is truly receiving millions of dollars worth of cryptocurrencies. Despite the fact that the wallet has been digitally signed, he may simply just grant someone permission to use it with his knowledge and authorization. The people behind the transactions maybe anybody at all. 

One of Rollbit’s biggest affiliates

The casino’s instructions are in his best interests, since he is already generating substantial money from viewers. After all, what is he getting out of it, if he isn’t making any money? One of his objectives is to draw the greatest number of individuals feasible. Each person he invites to the site results in more money being sent into his own account. Then, what better way to draw a crowd than by gambling and earning huge sums of money? More to the point, while advertising himself as the most lucrative Twitch broadcaster, not only is he being compensated for promoting the casino, but he is also essentially ripping money away from his adoring followers. 

His affiliate commission is a minimum of 20 percent, according to the Rollbits.com website. Given that, he is considered a prestigious associate. However, we have no way of knowing how short his haircut is, so we can only presume it is far longer. Losses caused by the house advantage increase in proportion to the number of gambling recommendations he has. As a result, he earns a commission and practically profiteers from the debacle that his point of view has become known for.