Bill Nye and SZA: Are The Two In A Relationship?

Both SZA and Bill Nye are public faces and are no strangers to being exposed to the eyes of the public. But when it comes to love, they might be making an effort to keep their rumored relationship. SZA is a well-known American vocalist and renowned musician. Gossip surrounding musicians and their dating life isn’t anything new, but whom they are dating always sparks spicy tales.

But, when a singer and musician is rumored to be dating a science communicator such Bill Nye, known for his PBS children’s show called “Bill Nye the Science Guy”, that surely is something relatively new on the scene. Even though Bill Nye is always a public figure, he is married to Liza Mundy, an American journalist.

What makes this rumor even more spice, Is the fact that Bill Nye was only just recently married to his current wife, not even a full year ago. When rumors of his supposed “dating” with SZA spread like wildfire, it was much in the general public’s interest, especially because the two come from very different professional backgrounds, even though Bill Nye is considered an entertainer to an extent.

Furthermore, Bill Nye’s previous marriage with Blair Tindal, which lasted for only seven weeks, indicates that maybe Bill likes a bumpy love life. The whole rumor sparked when SZA posted a picture of Bill Nye on her Instagram account with the subtitle– “I miss Bill Nye, I missed when individuals were more pleasant, I miss my mind being vacant, Haha”.

Songs That May Have a Hidden Meaning

SZA’s song Kill Bill was also an additional spark to the rumor that the two might be dating, even though the song didn’t specifically mention Bill Nye directly or indirectly. But as we all know, the internet meme police don’t waste time pouring oil in the fire by overcrowding the internet with pictures suggesting the two were dating or dating at some point in their lives.

It all started on Twitter when a user with the handle “The Notorious J.O.V” shared pictures of SZA and Bill Nye having their photo taken together, hugging and smiling. This was proof enough for Twitter, and then TikTok to spiral into a rumor-induced craze.

However, in reality, nobody knows whom Kill Bill was written for, and SZA has kept that a secret so far. According to the lyric website Genius, SZA’s song is probably an homage to Quentin Tarantino’s movie “Kill Bill”, one of the most popular movies of all time. 

So, Are The Two Really Dating? 

Taking everything into account, currently, Bill Nye and SZA are not dating, and haven’t dated at least according to the publicly available information. Bill Nye was tied up in a harsh legal battle with his ex-wife Blair Tindal for years, and he’d probably want to avoid an ordeal like that.

Right now he is currently happily married to his wife whom he married in June of 2022, and there is no indication that the two will be splitting any time soon. And on that note, we may never find out if SZA’s song is about the movie, or if there indeed was a Bill in her life.