Where are Chris Hansen’s TV Predators Today

To Catch a Predator with Chris Hansen was one of a kind TV show that stunned the viewers. It followed 12 undercover sting operations where the objective is catching predators who go after minors. After the third investigation aired, Hansen’s team enriched with law enforcement and other officials. 

The show ended in 2008, but several spin-off episodes aired as part of the Crime Watch Dilay series.  Both shows led to the arrest and conviction of most individuals in question. Below we will recap the fiercest predators that confronted Hansen and reveal what they are up to today.

Mike Manzi

We begin with math tutor Mike Manzi, who said that he entered the house just to make sure that the 13-year-old was safe. However, due to the fact that Mike’s discussion was clean after the meet-up, he received a 3 years probation. Mike didn’t get a prison sentence and didn’t register as a public offender.

Now, in 2021, a leaked conversation with one of the show’s editors showed that one of the security guys was Mike’s uncle. Manzi now hates his uncle and doesn’t want to speak to him after the incident.

It was very difficult for him after his probation, yet he still tries to live a normal life. People found him on dating apps and on social media, but under a different name. Today, Mike works in a retail job and doesn’t teach or tutor anymore.

Jeff Sokol

Next, up we have Jeff “Pizza Guy” Sokol, who becomes the most notable pedophile in the history of the show. After Hansen confronted Jeff, the predator started eating his pizza and casually talking with Chris. He even offers him a slice of the pizza.

During the interrogation, he remained cool and confident and continuously stated that he didn’t do anything wrong. Yet, he got the court sentenced him to 30 months in prison in 2017.

After getting out of prison in 2019, he tried to change his name to Sonny Porter, but the court rejected his request. Today, he lives with his parents and tries to keep a low profile. The last photo of him dates from 2021 and there is no other information about him ever since.

Stephen Buchanan

Last on our list is Stephen “The Military Vet” Buchanan, who was one of the creepiest predators to appear on the show. He arrived at the sting house with a camera, duct tape, and various weapons in his vehicle. 

At first, he refused to enter the sting house and tried to convince the “minor” to get in his vehicle. After confronting Hansen, he blamed his actions on the PTSD that he got during his time in Iraq. However, all of it was a lie as he was only a tank mechanic during his duty and didn’t see any action.

Stephen Buchanan served 3 years in prison and got out in 2019. Nowadays, he lives with his parents in Connecticut and drives a large truck for a living.