Who Is DanielMagical – Polands Most Controversial Streamer

Daniel Zwierzynski, better known as DanielMagical, is a Polish streamer that follows a controversial lifestyle. This trash streamer received a ban from Twitch and YouTube as a result of his inappropriate content. But, he is highly popular on social media sites such as Instagram, TikTok, and Facebook. 

The 30-year-old streamer is broadcasting to his fans from his mother’s apartment, which he often destroys. Below we will reveal much more information about DanielMagical and his scandals

What Is He Doing in His Streams?

As a trash streamer, you can guess most of the things that take place on DanielMagical’s streams. He became popular due to his multi-day drinking streams with his friends. During the broadcasts, many of his fans were sending donations for his conduct.

In some of his streams, DanielMagical and his friends would fight. They would often pour alcohol and demolish the apartment. One time he even used a firecracker indoors. Many of his streams are like a reality show where thousands watch the controversial lifestyle.

Daniel was also posting videos on YouTube, but the platform banned him for inappropriate intimidation and sexual activities. In fact, DanielMagical received multiple bans on several YouTube and Twitch channels.

During one of his streams, he and his mother praised a knife attack on the Polish President in 2019. Not long after, the police escorted both of them to prison. But, soon after that, they got out on bail.

However, the streamer and his mother violated the probation by continuing to stream online. The Polish police escorted DanielMagical while he was streaming the whole situation. All of this took place in December 2021 when he got 13 months in prison.

Now, a few months after his arrest, he went back to streaming. In his first streams, he challenged Rafonix, another popular Polish streamer, to a FAME MMA fight. DanielMagical lost the match, which resulted in a broken leg.

How Much Money Does He Make?

During one of his recent streams, Daniel revealed to his fans that he is making PLN40,000 ($9,680) a week. Yet, this is the amount he is making only from TikTok. On the other hand, his girlfriend Nikola made PLN244 (€59) just for a 35 min stream on the same platform.

Despite all of this, it is still very hard to know the exact amount that DanielMagical is making from his live streams. His fans are still sending donations and tips to him 

Where Does He Stream?

As we mentioned earlier, the Polish streamer received bans from YouTube and Twitch. Not long ago, DanielMagical also stopped streaming on Kick. Now, you can only find him broadcasting on TikTok, where he features over 717,000 followers and around 13.4 million likes. Fans are however hoping to see him on his Kick channel again soon.

He is also posting on social media platforms such as Instagram and Facebook, but his main focus at the moment is TikTok. 

You can find him posting TikTok content almost every day. Sometimes he even publishes a few videos in under 24 hours. His mother, girlfriends, and friends, are almost always involved in them.