How could Debbie Crankin scam her TikTok followers for $350,000?

The $350,000 Tic tock scam started when a user named Debbie Crankin posted this Reddit thread on May 21, 2021. It asked how to come up with $200,000 in cash. Commenters would say that in order for Debbie to raise that much money in such a short time for a graphic design project in which she had no prior experience or anything to go on, she would need to build up a community of people who would respond in a way that showed interest. Reading: “Could you help me set up something like what you’re talking about, so I can build that community?”

How Debbie Crankin deceived her TikTok followers 

Debbie Crankin will set up a TikTok account that you can use to start a $245,000 fundraising campaign. Also, she told everyone a little about her career, but this fundraiser had nothing to do with her original design project, as was talked about on Reddit. It had nothing to do with her job at all, in fact. The urgent $245,000 fundraiser seemed to be for Debbie’s fund to help her change from a man to a woman. The description also didn’t say anything about a design project. Instead, it was mostly about Debbie’s struggles as a transgender woman. But the most important part of Debbie’s description of the fundraiser was the part about where the money would go. She said in a noncommittal way that the money might be used for housing and transportation if it was clear that she needed money to make a transition. She even showed photos and descriptions of the doctors who will help her with the process. With a fundraiser set up and ready to go, Debbie started regularly posting HD videos to a TikTok to support her story that she was a struggling transgender woman who needed help from the community.

Raising money for a career change

My name is Debbie. I moved across the country to get away from unsafe living situations and a B. I don’t have any family or friends who can help me. When I first moved to California, it took me almost a year to find a place to live.

Everyone would understand what she was going through. Debbie got more than 50,000 followers in just six months, and after that, small donations of between $20 and $40 started coming in. But the average amount and number of donations went through the roof after a lot of bigger influencers got involved to help Debbie. One of these was a person named traverse, who made a TikTok with 2 million views asking people to help by donating to Debbie’s fundraiser. In addition to spreading the word about Debbie’s GoFundMe, he donated all of the money from her TikTok creator fund and agreed to donate any money she made from personal brand deals.

You gave what you made from the Creator fund, as well as any brand deals you made.

Debbie’s fundraiser goes viral

After the fundraiser got a lot of attention, Versio wouldn’t be the only one to give a lot of money to it. With these bigger things going on. The list of top donors started to fill up when 1,000 people each gave $1,000 in 2004. By the middle of January 2022. But, as the old saying goes, you can’t get money for anything. And this is when Debbie Crankin, the person who started the fundraiser, started to get known in every way.

We promoted your videos and tried to help you because we thought you were a poor black transgender woman. However, you use your own identity to scam people.

The first warning sign was her reaction to having raised the first $76,000. Most people would be happy, thankful, or grateful to have received this much money as a donation, but it will become clearer and clearer that Debbie Crankin didn’t care or appreciate the money at all. 

Debbie to her followers:” I’m a black transgender woman and my name is Debbie. Gavin is a white transgender man. In just three days, he was able to raise $50,000 for his GoFundMe campaign. At this point, I’ve been raising money for months for life-saving gender-affirming care and my basic needs. I’m still having trouble reaching my full goal. This is a great example of how it’s clear that the LGBTQ community doesn’t care about the problems black transgender people face.”

The fundraiser seemed to be legit

She posts TikToks like the one you just saw, in which he didn’t even mention how much money had already been donated. Instead, he said that she was being treated unfairly because she was another transgender TikTok. I had raised $50,000 Debbie’s fundraiser would end in three days, which was unfair. Even worse, people who donated and said nice things about Debbie’s fundraiser would be treated badly in return.

Before word got out, we treated you with kindness. You’re spoiled because it was still bad for people to hope it’s all good, thanks for ignoring my direct request to do something by reposting or sharing the video. Good luck Debbie’s video has 813 likes, but people don’t share it on Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, Reddit, etc. Keep fighting Debbie. I really hoped that the 586 people who liked this would share the campaign with their friends, but you won’t listen to me. So boost, stop commenting on this under my videos, and all 485 people who liked this comment but didn’t repost like Stop following me.

You’ve already raised a lot of money, and you’re bragging about the people who are giving you good energy and sending you good vibes in your comments. But it’s not enough, so you’re mad at them. It’s making people less grateful; it’s giving them too much. Debbie

Crankin would also send a message to tell the girl who made the TikTok with 2 million views for the fundraiser that 2 million views weren’t enough and that she should have done more to help.

But things got even worse when the crowd found out that this $76,000 was less than a quarter of the total amount Debbie had raised.

To find out that this person has three other GoFundMe campaigns, which I did see. I don’t know if there is a safe housing fund for Debbie with $10,000. Raise the $139,000 that has been set aside for Debbie’s transition and survival fund.

How did Debbie expose herself?

People keep looking because they think she might have more. When they find another four GoFundMe, each with a different goal and a total of over $350,000 raised, they know she must have more. Deborah was able to scam people out of over $350,000, which she was able to raise.

You might still be wondering, “Where’s the scam?” Sure, she raised a crazy amount of money through a bunch of GoFundMe pages, but she was pretty clear about how she was going to spend it: on her gender transition, or so she said. This is where the story takes an interesting turn: when it was revealed that Debye had raised over $350,000 for a gender transition surgery, another male-to-female Tiktok named Xia Persian, who had gone through the process, came forward to talk about it.

We’re going to talk about Miss Deborah Crankin’ today, so get ready. Every time she posts a video, she promotes her GoFundMe so that she can pay for her full medical transition. Deborah has said that her gender dysphoria makes it impossible for her to get a real job. I also have a GoFundMe page for my move. People don’t have to give me money just because I’m black and a trans woman. I’m having surgery on my top and my bottom for less than $35,000. Even though Deborah has raised more than $350,000, she still says she doesn’t have enough. By the way, $350,000 is more than enough for at least three people to completely change their lives.

Thousands of dollars for fake surgery

Some people in the crowd gave Debbie the benefit of the doubt and thought she might be going to a famous surgeon. Why do they cost so much? She lives in Beverly Hills, I see. Maybe she’s going to a more expensive celebrity plastic surgeon.

CeCe Jacobs, another transgender woman, put a stop to this by saying, “Criminal mastermind, first of all, all male-to-female surgeries combined would cost less than $100,000.” Even if you went to high-end surgeons, all of them were feeling the heat from the accusations, and Debbie crinkle clap clapped back at ZR, saying that she was the problem with the black transgender community.

I haven’t used my identity as a weapon, and this little girl looks crazy as hell in these videos. You should be ashamed of yourself for trying to bring down another black transgender person for some drama on the internet, and you are the reason why the black transgender community is so split. You are the one spreading hate against black transgender people, and as a result, the black transgender community is so split.

The two would end up having a funny fight on livestream. I’m working hard I have something that we’ve been working on for over a year that I want to show you.

Just keep begging me, because that’s what you do if you’re a backer. I made a video about you because you are asking for money for a move that has already been paid for. You have already been paid. You already have enough money. Why do you want more when you already have $350,000?

Debbie should just make her profile private if she wants to respond to the claims on a TikTok in a good way. So instead of responding to these claims with a Tik-Tok post, she’s gone private. But this seemed to bring even more attention to the drama, so another tech came out and said that in the state of California, all surgeries can be done for free, which exposed Debbie even more.

Debbie keeps defending herself

In one of her latest TikToks she claims:

“I’m a black trans woman living in Los Angeles, and all of your surgeries can be done for free through Medicare. Since Debbie does live in California, all of these things could be given to her for free. But how do you have surgery that costs $300,000?”

If the surgeries could be done for free or for less than $100,000, they would be done. The obvious question was where the extra money had gone.

The fundraiser pays for and expensive car and an expensive apartment. And most of those funds went toward making her life better. So far as we know, she hasn’t used any of the $350,000 to pay for the surgery she needs for her transition.

As it turns out, ze a Persian the girl who had argued with Debbie on Livestream wasn’t done exposing this fraud stuff.

Debbie really feels like she doesn’t have enough money because she used the money from the GoFundMe to buy a fancy apartment in Beverly Hills. That’s more than $3,000 per month. She wants $10,000 for furniture to cover you putting down $7,000 on an Audi A five. She says that people who don’t share and donate are transphobic and don’t like what black trans women are up to.

With a little more digging, they found out that Debbie had been renting a luxury apartment in Los Angeles and had also put a down payment on an Audi A five, whose price starts at more than $40,000 US. Debbie again shot down these claims that you lied.

People found out where the money had really gone as they learned this. Other tech talks started to feel bad about giving. This made me very sad because, as a broke college student, I had given her money. As a trans person, it’s also sad for me because I feel like no one will believe us anymore. And this might be the scariest thing about the whole fundraiser.

They’re going to get a lot of people who will use this as an excuse to hate on trans people.

It will make a lot of people who want to help think twice about doing so, which means they will get less help.

How did TikTok react?

What doesn’t help is that TikTok gets rid of almost all media that has something bad to say about Debbie Crankin. For example, the live stream that was just shown was cut off in the middle because it spread false information.

You could say that Debbie Crankin’s story is one of the bad effects of today’s popular culture, in which the only acceptable way to think about someone like Debbie is that she’s a victim and nothing is going to change that, which is clearly what has happened with Debbie Crankin. 

It makes it more likely that these people will think they are the only ones who are suffering and therefore deserve unearned benefits. In reality, we all have a long list of unimaginably hard personal problems that we try to solve every single day from the moment we wake up until the moment we go to sleep. 

How does Debbie Kranken know that she is suffering more than the person next to her when she has never been in their shoes and never will be? No one will ever be able to really know what it’s like to go through what someone else does every day. So why are we so naive to think that someone has an easier life than everyone else? 

Debbie’s black-and-white thinking in a world of gray hasn’t changed much, as she still updates her GoFundMe almost every day, making sure to include a rude message to shame people into donating, like this one from last week, which said “No donations, I haven’t been raising any money, and I’ve barely gotten any donations for my campaign all year.” This is a big problem that’s giving me a lot of stress and making it hard for me to reach my campaign goal. 

And if the lack of support keeps up, I’ll have to try a different way to raise money. It’s been way too long since I’ve had any help, and now I can’t move forward with the rest of my transition, and I’m having trouble taking care of myself. Please spread the word about my campaign and give again if you can. I really need everyone to pitch in and more people to help get the word out.