Drake casino stream – Is the rapper gambling addicted?

Drake just did a live stream from an online casino where he won millions of dollars in 90 minutes. Drake’s account went from having a balance of $10 million to having a balance of $30 million to having no balance at all. You just said that Drake lost $1 million gambling. I did my sentence just like these online casino influencer relationships are a misdirection for me.

Drake wins 12 Million live on stream

Drake did win millions of dollars while gambling, but steak paid him, not because he was a good button-presser. Steak is an online crypto casino that many Twitch streamers are getting into quickly.

In case you didn’t see it on the screen, we’re letting you know in the chat that the trick won $4.83 million on the last roll.

On the very next hand, he won enough to put $13 million in his account.

Drake added 30% to his account balance in about 15 minutes. What a way to get rich quickly!

Drake won another $3.03 million on the next hand, bringing his total ready-to-go money to over $15 million.

So, I think he had about $10 million in his bankroll when this video ended.

In the next 10 minutes, he lost all of the money he had just won. After a small win, his account balance went back down to $8.3 million.

With one click, Drake won almost $18 million.

Do you have any idea how crazy that is? By clicking a few buttons, he won $18 million.

Oh, if you’ve ever wondered why people get hooked on gambling, this is the best example. Drake turned $10 million into $28 million in 21 minutes.

I don’t know how he did it, since people can click a button on the online casino he runs and make $18 million in 21 minutes.

Drake won another $2.34 million less than a minute later, bringing his total to just under $30 million.

Which games did Drake play?

What do you think happened next? Drake played Roulette, Black Jack, and Plinko game after game after game.

Here’s a fun little glossary of Drake’s account balance throughout the night. At the 21-minute mark, he had $29.4 million. At the 41-minute mark, he had $20.4 million. At the 51-minute mark, he had $18.9 million. At the 1-minute mark, he had $9.3 million. I thought it was really interesting to watch the replay because I think this chart shows what will happen next.

He won $18 million, which was a huge amount, but things went downhill from there.

I just showed you a clip of Drake standing up and hoping that superstition would help him get back to his $30 million balance.

This is the 86th minute. At the 89-minute mark, he had only $3.19 million left in his account. Drake had only $200,000 left in his bank account.

Crazy wins and losses

Drake gambled away $30 million in less than an hour. Does it finally hit you how much money these casinos make? It didn’t bring in $30 million.

From the start, the casinos drew him in, and he won $20 million in 21 minutes.

Then, in just 80 minutes, he lost all $30 million he had in his bankroll.

You know, we’ll eat dinner, then get fried, and maybe come back on to try to win my money, but all through the stream, Drake’s gateway will advertise a $1 million steak.

Drake made money as a brand ambassador. He was probably paid millions to promote steak.

Some of the games these guys play, like roulette, have a house edge of about 5% on the money bet. Drake had a $10 million account balance, so if he can make $10 million in a short amount of time, the odds are that he’ll be down about $500,000 and walk away with 9.5 million.

Drake probably put about $200 million on the line in the 90 minutes.