GMHikaru Switches to – Twitch loses creator

Hikaru “GMHikaru” Nakamura has stated his intention to join Kick, a new streaming platform. The non-exclusive arrangement calls for the famed chess player to continue streaming on Twitch while simultaneously working on the green site. Hikaru is the latest high-profile creative to sign a deal with platform, which also has a partnership with Adin Ross.

About is a brand-new and promising streaming platform that launched in January 2023. It has already been likened to Twitch and is seen as a good alternative for content providers seeking more favorable subscription income terms. While it cannot currently compete with Amazon’s platform in terms of audience numbers, Kick is gaining traction.

It allows users to produce and watch real-time live broadcasts. It enables HD feeds and has a chat feature that allows users to engage with viewers during broadcasts. Kick also provides a plethora of features for stream management. Users may personalize their profile and channel, add topical tags, select privacy preferences, and restrict who can view their broadcasts. The option to webcast games with friends or a team is one of Kick’s distinguishing characteristics. This enables group streaming and talking even when players are in different places.

Kick has a number of key navigation areas to help users locate the stuff they’re looking for. Each section has categories that define the stream’s subject. The following are the key parts of Kick: Games, Gambling, Music, IRL, Creative and Alternative.

Like any other streaming network, Kick has restrictions that must be observed. Hate, bigotry, violence, and sexual harassment, for example, are all illegal. Copyright infringements and the use of profanity are also forbidden.

GMHikaru Will Begin Streaming on Kick

Five-time US chess champion, grand master Hikaru has over 1.8 million followers on Twitch. His streams often attract thousands of people, including current chess world champion Magnus Carlsen, and bringing that audience with him would be a huge success for the site. Tyler “Trainwreck” Niknam, co-owner of Twitch rival, said on March 26 that the platform will be unveiling six new content producers who would be broadcasting on the site. This was followed by a tweet from Ross indicating that another “superstar” was switching, however that tweet has since been removed.

The new platform’s key selling point is the 95/5 split. This means that the streamer keeps 95% of the subscription money, while the site only keeps 5%. Twitch pays its creators a 50/50 share. Screenshots of streamers reporting their improved earnings have been making the rounds on Twitter, with users praising the service for its choice to pay more.

The identities of the remaining five signees are yet unknown, however many people have speculated. Others even believe that record-breaking Kai Cenat will make the transition. Nonetheless, competition is usually beneficial to consumers, and this business shakeup should be no exception.

Hikaru’s deal terms have yet to be published, so no one knows how long the streamer will remain on Kick or how much he was signed for. This is only the first of six rumored signings for Kick that Trainwrecks has planned, with many more on the way. Nonetheless, it appears that Twitch may face competition as one of the leading streaming services.