How to Grow Your Twitch Channel – 4 Best Practices

The streaming industry is very competitive, and many streamers are struggling to rank up their numbers. Generating traffic is a serious problem for most people on Twitch, especially in the first few months. Most fans are following the top streamers on the platform, and new people are rarely recognized.

So, because of this issue, we’ve decided to put together a few tips as a way of helping you grow your Twitch channel. In this guide, we show how to grow your audience:

Write an Interesting Title and Use Tags

You may have noticed that every streaming title on Twitch is pretty dull and not unique. Many of them are also pretty direct with their clickbait, which makes people avoid it entirely.

Instead, we recommend you come up with a catchy title for your stream that will lure people into watching it. Use humor and try to be innovative when describing your content. Also, be honest about the stream so as not to lose the viewers that you’ve already gained.

Additionally, you should always add tags to your streams to attract as many viewers as possible. Get creative with them and try to use the ones that get the most attention. Combine your tags with the actual streaming title.

Make Content on Other Platforms

Being active only on Twitch is a bad approach, as you are missing out on potential viewers that you can approach on other platforms. Make accounts on the most popular social media sites and promote your Twitch channel. 

The best way to do that is by posting short videos from your streams or about upcoming ones. This will get the attention of many new followers from platforms such as YouTube, TikTok, and have a lot of users. Also, remember to create innovative and entertaining content.

Additionally, stick to the content that you post on these sites. If viewers do enter your stream, and it features a different game, then they will most likely leave.

Spend Your Money Wisely

Every streamer likes to spend their money getting newer and better equipment that they can use on their broadcasts. But, in the beginning, this stuff should be your main goal. You must spend your money on things that can actually help you gain followers and maintain your numbers.

The only things that you need are a playing device and a microphone. If you do want to spend some money then do spend it on branding such as logos and designs.

Create a Second Twitch Channel Just for Testing

Avoid sitting in any Twitch streaming category with the title “Testing”. This will almost definitely make you lose some followers for good. You will also miss out on potential viewers with this mistake. No one wants to wait around for you to finish setting up your gear. 

Instead, open up a second Twitch account and start a live stream there. Then watch it on your smartphone or on another monitor to see whether everything is in place.