Is Roshtein Fake? – The truth about the world’s biggest casino streamer

Roshtein is one of the most popular streamers in the world when it comes to broadcasting online gambling content. But, a few months ago, Twitch decided to prohibit all streams that involved gaming on slots, dice, and other gambling games. This made Roshtein leave Twitch for, the home of many casino streams since Twitch’s bans.

On Kick, Roshtein features over 94,000 followers, which is way less than his 1.06 million on Twitch. However, thanks to his sponsorship deals and Kick’s revenue split, he makes much more money on the new streaming platform. With wagers of up to $1000 USD per spin, many viewers doubt the authenticity of Roshtein’s streams – but is he really a fake?

Roshtein caught playing with fake money?

As we mentioned, this streamer is known for his online gambling broadcasts where he plays various games, mostly slots. But, in August 2019 fans notice something strange on one of his casino streams.

In it, he starts playing a slot with real money and then switches to free play, just to prove that he plays with his own funds. However, many viewers spotted that the money balance on the game remained the same as before.

Roshtein’s fake balance in 2019

Roshtein exposed himself as a fake streamer when he tried to prove that his money was real by switching from real to free-play mode during his stream. However, the money on his balance remained the same, which indicated that he was using fake money. He went out of character and showed fake money on his stream to be 100% transparent, but this move did not convince his viewers.

After the free-play switch, Roshtein didn’t show any emotion, as if he knew that he made a mistake. Later on, he wrote an excuse where he blames the casino site, which allegedly featured a bug.

From there on, the viewers are convinced that Roshtein is using fake money and good acting to gain viewership and sponsorships. A lot of time has passed since 2019, so experts are not sure whether he started to use a new set-up since moving to The incident can be taken as proof of Roshtein using fake casino accounts in his streams.

Does Roshtein Play With Real Money?

It is very common for online casinos to make a deal with streamers to promote their online gambling site. Many popular streamers accept such offers as they get to earn some very easy money.

Now, when it comes to Roshtein, we do believe that he is a fake casino gambling streamer – at least to some degree. According to our research, online casinos give him a certain amount of money, which he then uses on specific games. The money remains in the casino and Rosh collects possible wins from the slot machines and a commission for promoting the casino brands in his channel.

Therefore, he does not play with his own money. But this does not mean however, that the games themselves are fake. He plays real slot games, and the payout rates throughout his games lie within the expected range for said games.

Roshtein wins over $100K

Sometimes he doesn’t even show how he accesses the games. In case you don’t know, almost every online casino has two versions of slots, demo and real play. Roshtein can easily click on the demo version and deceive all of his viewers.

Another red flag is the fact that he doesn’t show his deposits and withdrawals at the online casinos. By showing this he can debunk all of the free-play conspiracies. However, if the casinos are giving him money to play, then he can continue deceiving the viewers even if he reveals the withdrawals.

There are also rumours about Roshtein signing deals with gaming software providers to promote some of their online slots. At different time periods, he spends the majority of his time playing games from a specific provider.

In his recent streams, you can see him placing bets on online slots from Hacksaw Gaming. Also, these online gambling activities all feature on

All of these facts back up the rumours about Roshtein using fake money in his streams. Despite, we look at him as a great entertainer and promoter of online casinos and casino games.

How did Roshteins Fans react?

There were mixed reactions from Roshtein’s viewers when he was caught playing with fake money. Some viewers were disappointed and felt deceived, while others didn’t seem to mind, as they enjoyed watching the streams regardless of whether the money was real or fake.

However, many viewers did express concerns about the ethics of using fake money and the potential impact it could have on vulnerable viewers who may not understand that the money is not real. Overall, the reaction was quite divided and sparked a wider discussion about transparency and accountability in the online gambling industry.

The world of casino streamers

Casino streaming has evolved significantly in the past years. Initially, it started as a niche activity with only a handful of streamers, but now it has become a popular genre with thousands of streamers and a massive audience. The quality of the streams has also improved with better production values, higher video resolutions, and more engaging content. 

Additionally, there are now dedicated platforms for casino streaming, such as Twitch and YouTube, which have made it easier for streamers to reach a wider audience. The popularity of casino streaming has also led to the emergence of new sub-genres, such as sports betting and poker streaming. Overall, the casino streaming industry has grown rapidly in the past years, and it is expected to continue to evolve and expand in the future. Even the world’s biggest streamer Adin Ross has been accused of playing fake casino games in his streams.

The problem with fake streamers

The problem with fake streamers is that they mislead viewers into thinking that they are playing with real money, when in fact they are playing with fake money. This can be harmful because it can give viewers a false sense of the risks and rewards of gambling.

Additionally, some fake streamers may use their platform to promote shady or unethical practices, such as recommending certain casinos or games that may not be fair or legitimate. This can lead to viewers being taken advantage of or losing money. Furthermore, fake streamers can also contribute to the normalization of gambling and can encourage viewers to engage in risky behavior. Overall, fake streamers can be harmful to viewers and the gambling industry as a whole.