How did Jelly Bean become Youtube’s most disliked creator?

Why does everyone hate Jelly Bean? You might ask yourself this after finding hate video after hate video in which people say in their own words why they don’t like this anonymous 17-year-old Minecraft YouTuber.

The US quickly came to the conclusion that jelly beans videos were annoying, over the top, immature, and clearly aimed at children. The content is mostly this girl sounding like she’s on who knows how many drugs, with literally glaringly loud video game OH S T music in the background.

Mega is purposely overstimulating with the text, the moving character, and the parkour in the background. On a Subreddit called r/jellybeansucks, which is a good name for such a place, people would back up this message with memes. 

It’s a masterpiece, with Jelly Bean going to a community tab and telling people that the message shouldn’t be spammed anywhere but in her YouTube short video. Hey, I just want to tell you not to go to other streamers or YouTubers and flood them with “It’s not a masterpiece, it’s a mistake.”

Jelly Bean keeps spamming his followers

Jelly Bean about her Youtube viewers:

“I don’t mind if you spam my YouTube comments, but don’t do it anywhere else. Thank you, slash serious, but it was clear that the audience would do the exact opposite of what Jelly Bean told them to do. As a result, her audience started to spam it all over the place, forcing the Jelly Bean agenda on everyone. A few months ago, I saw comments on my YouTube video that said, “It’s not a mistake, it’s a masterpiece.” I was very confused, and you definitely hit the Record, your fan base, because the Jelly Bean fans who wouldn’t join the “it’s not a mistake, it’s a masterpiece” cult then sent death threats, as Jelly Bean would have to take to a community tab once again in another post reading.”

It’s a masterpiece, especially since Jelly Bean was getting more and more hate for the annoying comment campaign. Even though the comments were annoying, why did people go out of their way to say bad things about Jelly Bean, as another commenter pointed out?

What does the Minecraft community have to do with Jelly Bean

They all play Minecraft, but Jelly Bean has a pretty unique style, even though he copied Rambu’s costume in a subscriber milestone special. Ranbu made a cake for one man, and now she’s making cookies for 400k He wears sunglasses and a mask, and she also has both on.

For example, going back to the Jelly Bean sucks subreddit, one user said that she got her whole personality from the dream SMP and that she started her channel based on coffee in the dream. She even used his speedrun music without being ironic.

On my dream, they even used her Twitter handle, “be not here,” and a YouTube community post said that this was her face reveal. Some of the many hate videos made on Jelly Bean also pointed out the similarity. Instead of having her own persona, she completely imitates dreams, which is the definition of “I try so hard to get in the dream SMP.” Now, don’t get me wrong—working with these other Minecraft creators had a lot of great benefits.

Each of them already has a huge fan base, which could easily spread to Jelly Bean if people think she is like them.

The problem is that the Minecraft community on YouTube is easy to hate on, and they don’t always have a good reputation, which will also rub off on Jelly Bean if she’s seen as part of that group.

People will automatically hate Jelly Bean the same way they hate the Minecraft crowd on YouTube if she is seen with them. So let’s look into another idea. Maybe Jelly Bean isn’t as hated as it seems, and people just hate her because that’s what everyone else does.

Other Youtubers join in the hate

Let me explain about February 7, 2022 So loco will be the first YouTuber to talk about why they didn’t like Jelly Bean. At the time, he had less than 1,000 subscribers, but his two-minute video got close to 200,000 views even though it was only two minutes long. A week later, the beak posted a video called “Why I don’t like Jelly Bean.” Even though he only had less than 50,000 subscribers, the video got over 1 million views.

Because of this, there are a lot of hate videos about Jelly Bean on YouTube. However, most of these YouTubers probably have nothing against Jelly Bean and are just jumping on the trend to get more views. Jaden, a YouTuber, would talk to one of these channels that had made a “Why I hate Jelly Bean” video. The channel would say, “I just wanted to let you know that I saw you included my video, which is pretty cash money, in your video about Jelly Bean. Well, there’s no Jelly Bean drama.”

I mean, they just wanted 2016 videos, and we don’t dislike her. There’s no drama. One of these commentators reached out to me and said that they were just trying to bring back the old 2016 style of commentary and that they didn’t actually hate Jelly Bean. The commentary community might have hated Jelly Bean, or they might have just been putting it off for views. She started to answer the criticism, but ended up answering me, man Jelly Bean.

Because Jelly Bean makes bad Minecraft videos, they are actually doxing her and leaking her private information. Yes, the person behind Jelly Beans IRL is not making a mistake.

It’s a masterpiece, and then they leak a picture of her face and say, “Jelly Bean more like Jelly Bozo.” As pictures of her face started to spread around the internet, some pretty crazy YouTubers posted videos saying that she deserved to be killed. Jelly Bean did get docs, and I’m going to talk about it and why she deserved it in this video.

Jelly Bean using the N-word

Still, the worst thing that could happen to her because of the hate was that someone from Tik Tok would make a fake screenshot of her saying the N-word on Discord. This would force her to talk about it in a public Twitter post.

I don’t care how much you don’t like someone, you shouldn’t make fake screenshots of them saying slurs. It’s hurtful and childish for whoever made them. I’ve decided to stay away from Twitter for a few days or weeks because I’m tired of being blamed for things I didn’t do, which will be supported by the commentary community I created the conditions for this hate in the first place. There was no doubt that Jelly Bean was a cringe YouTuber.

I’m interested to know how you heard about me. Many of the responses to the question “What were your first impressions of me?” said that they had become fans of Jelly Bean after watching the commentary videos about how much they hated her. This means that while Jelly Bean may be YouTube’s most hated creator, the negative connotation may have come with an equal amount of positive connotation.