Jikishi Grooming Scandal – The Rise and Fall of a Streamer

Demetrius, famously known by his alias Jikishi, is a former Twitch streamer and YouTube content creator. Gaming fans used to follow him mostly because of his super-fun Minecraft streams.

Up until the 25th of October 2021 (his last known stream on Twitch), Jikishi featured a total view count of over 202,000. He was also followed by around 56,900 fans on the streaming platform, where he streamed for over 7 years.

Jikishi was set to become the next big Minecraft YouTuber, but things didn’t go as planned, as he got cancelled multiple times.

Why Was Jikishi Cancelled and Why Did He Leave Dream SMP?

On October 24th 2021, Jikishi was invited to join Dream’s private SMP server, which is what every Twitch streamer dreams off. Broadcasting on this server comes with a massive increase in the total follower count and can get the streamers big sponsor deals.

Jikishi gained around 32,000 new followers just from announcing that he’s joined the Dream SMP server. But, his big moment can to an end just 48 hours after its initial start.

The downfall started on the 26th of October 2021 when a Twitter user named Ren accused Jikishi of grooming. It is worth noting that the user was an underage female, who’s been communicating with the streamer for around 2 years.

He made numerous inappropriate sexual approaches towards this minor, who wasn’t interested in that kind of manner. At the end of the announcement, the victim stated that she blocked him on all social media platforms.

Shortly after that Tweet, Dream announced that Demetrius was removed from the SMP server, after being disgusted and incredibly disappointed by his actions. Up until today, Jikishi is the only streamer to receive a permanent ban by Dream SMP.

However, the accusations kept on coming in the following days, when around 40 minors have come forward with nearly similar experiences.

Not long after these major events, his Twitch account got terminated for breaking terms of service and he deleted all of his YouTube videos. He then completely disappeared from the internet, deleting all of his social media accounts, apart from Twitter, which is vacant for a longer period of time.

Where Is Jikishi Now?

After Jikishi disappeared from the internet, there is very little information about what happened to him. He was very careful about not revealing his last name, which indicates that he might have known that he could end up in a situation such as this.

On February 2nd 2023, his former roommate and best friend Jwhisp revealed in a post on TwitLonger that his real name is Demetrius Madsen and that he grew up in Wisconsin. He also revealed that after kicking Jikishi from the apartment, he went to live with his mother in the Las Vegas area.

Jwhisp stated that he didn’t know if Jikishi was still in the Las Vegas area, but it was the last place that he knew him to be. He also revealed that there were no investigations or reports by any law enforcement about his serious crimes.