Top 20 Streamers – Ranking & Stats

The Streamer rankings are based on data that was made public by the website itself. The overall rank is based on the total number of followers of the streamer. The numbers are extracted directly from Kick and put together in this overview. For the ranking, we compare the total number of followers, average number of views, and hours streamed in the past 30 days. We crawl and extract channel data on a daily basis to show you the most relevant stats and rankings. The most-followed Kick streamer of 2023 is Adin Ross.

The last update of the ranking was made on July 28, 2023.

RankStreamerFollowersAverage ViewersPeak ViewersHours StreamedCategoryLanguage
1AdinRoss553,24441,46051,20045Slots & Casino
2XQC463,89833,76047,30043Slots & CasinoEnglish
3Westcol178,05328,53038,10028Just ChattingSpanish
4Trainwreckstv176,68418,79031,09065Slots & CasinoEnglish
5Roshtein144,85217,23026,450160Slots & CasinoEnglish
6PaulinhoLOKObr53,81714,34029,90018Slots & CasinoPortuguese
7Evelone43,20614,20024,84016Just ChattingRussian
8Yassuo42,47322,87031,32080Slots & CasinoRussian
9Xposed40,3875,3807,44025Slots & CasinoEnglish
10Destiny38,9571,8504,34035Just ChattingEnglish
11Classybeef31,8652,7604,79075Slots & CasinoEnglish
13Mellstroy27,57813,56020,900175Slots & CasinoRussian
14HudsonAmorim18,2492,4704,70095Just ChattingEnglish
15Ac7ionMan17,0471,8903,680176Slots & CasinoPortuguese
16Teuf14,8981,4603,720145Slots & CasinoFrench
17Suspendas12,1949901,870390Just ChattingEnglish
18LosPollosTV4,8372,4802,82090Slots & CasinoRussian
19Buddha3,5131,2701,450115Slots & CasinoEnglish
20Heelmike3,4901,2401,64045Slots & CasinoEnglish

The Top 20 Streamers is a new streaming platform with a clear mission: creating a strong community and reliable service for streamers that are unhappy with the offering of other streaming websites. In the past years, a lot of famous creators were fed-up with Twitch’s worsening conditions for streamers. Against all odds, Kick was able to secure some of the biggest names in the live-streaming world.

The numbers show that the majority of streamers were in fact able to bring their fans to the new platform and even grow their viewer numbers.

We frequently extract thousands of data points from all streamers to get a comprehensive overview of what is happening on the website. The streaming service is still fairly new, so we expect the numbers to grow and for Kick to sign even more big names from Twitch and other communities. The Top 20 list is based on the number of followers that each streamer counts on their channel. We track the development of viewer numbers and continuously compare metrics to make sure that we only show the most relevant Kick streamers in our ranking. Stats and Data

The statistics show that the community is growing extremely rapidly. We gather statistics on the website since January 2023. In the first three months of its existence, grew its total hours of streams by nearly 3000%.

As seen in our stats, the most viewed category on Kick is Slots & Casino. 65.5% of all streams were broadcasted in this category. Which is a significant decrease since Spring 2023 when the slots category accounted for over 90% of content on Showing that the platform’s leadership is actively promoting various content categories.

However, the stats show that Kick is making an effort to get big streamers from other categories on the platform and therefore offers a wider selection of topics for its community.

Our stats are based on daily extracts of all relevant channel metrics and additional metadata from Kick’s public domain. We gather the data in our database and analyze all metrics to find the most relevant insights about your favorite streamers and channels.

The website is still subject to changes, as the website currently still is in its beta phase. Once it is stable, we expect to extract even more data to show you the best insights and stats around trending channels and the most important events on Kick.