Top 20 Streamers – Ranking & Stats

The Streamer rankings are based on data that was made public by the website itself. The overall rank is based on the total number followers of the streamer. The numbers are extracted directly from Kick and put together in this ranking. For the statistics we gather the total number of followers, average number of views, and hours of streams in the past 30 days. The most followed Kick streamer 2023 is AdinRoss.

The last update of the ranking was made on March 17, 2023.

RankStreamerFollowersAverage ViewersPeak ViewersHours StreamedCategoryLanguage
1AdinRoss156,91113,76022,30035Slots & CasinoEnglish
2Trainwreckstv94,64218,79031,09065Slots & CasinoEnglish
3Roshtein70,15117,23026,450160Slots & CasinoEnglish
4Xposed26,3875,3807,44025Slots & CasinoEnglish
5Classybeef22,7651,8504,340210Slots & CasinoEnglish
6LosPollosTV22,7652,7604,79075Slots & CasinoEnglish
7Mellstroy17,57813,56020,900175Slots & CasinoRussian
8Ac7ionMan16,4492,4704,70095Just ChattingEnglish
9VonDice15,7591,6902,110105Slots & CasinoEnglish
10Teuf14,8981,4603,720145Slots & CasinoFrench
11HudsonAmorim14,0471,8903,680176Slots & CasinoPortuguese
12Suspendas12,1949901,870390Just ChattingEnglish
13Scurrows9,2891,9903,240115Slots & CasinoGerman
14orangemorange9,0462,2403,870100Slots & CasinoGerman
15real_bazzi6,4743,8104,99035Slots & CasinoGerman
16mokrivsky4,8372,4802,82090Slots & CasinoRussian
17CheekyGamblers4,3481,3001,97095Slots & CasinoGreek
18Karavay463,5131,2701,450115Slots & CasinoRussian
19BeardDice3,4901,2401,64045Slots & CasinoEnglish
20DeuceAce4818008005Slots & CasinoEnglish