Lillee Jean: The rise and fall of a fake Instagram influencer

Almost everything about Lillee Jean’s public persona, from her presence at the Met Gala to a front-cover shot in a magazine that didn’t exist, turned out to be one big fabrication.

Unassuming thread A discussion on Lillee Jean started by noting that her engagement is suspicious before going on to explain that she averages between 100 and 1000 like every post hinting that almost all of her 1 million followers were entirely inactive. Then it went on to say that

In truth, Lillee Jean would get up to two likes per text post, and a whooping five if she added a picture of herself. To be fair, this remark contained some disinformation.

It becomes clear that Lillee Jean’s comments section smells fishy when compared to other comparable female content producers like Valkyrie, whose top comments from other verified content providers garner hundreds if not thousands of likes. Most intriguing about Lillee Jean’s data is how expensive it is to get as many followers and likes as she had. Buying so many followers isn’t really pricey to websites mentioned 2000 Plus USD for that that is absurd.

According to on your perspective on how the world works and how you feel about the usage of the N-word at the opening of the writing, the tale was either insulting or complimentary.

Fans and Followers becoming suspicous

With a number of other Lillee Jean fan sites that were also loaded with phony followers, it was obviously suspicious that Jane would have some type of software or script to make other identities, which would then follow her while reposting her photographs to their pages. Although Reddit Expo is a good place to start, there are at least 20 accounts with variants of “Lillee Jean Fanpage Slash Fan” in their handle or profile that come in constantly, yet having a fan page is not rare.

All of the listed accounts use the hashtag Lillee Jean in all of their posts, regardless of relevance, and the majority, if not all of them, are connected to one another, which suggests that Lillee Jean may have been using a reply bot or script on her own account to respond to the comment that says “marry me, will lead Jane” by first posting a love heart and then returning two weeks later to post yet another love heart.

However, with all the other fake information that had been discovered and many were unsurprisingly skeptical about how legit these brand deals really were, it’s quite possible that those companies aren’t really sponsoring her anybody can just write hashtag add in their caption and tag the compas.

Fans but also Partners were deceived

It’s unlikely that any major brands would do anything about it, since why would they want to stand in the way of someone marketing their product for free on Instagram? Generally speaking, this is the case, with the exception of one particular cosmetic brand. A video of Lillee Jean’s visit to the Bite Beauty store in New York City, where she was greeted by a slew of fans, would be posted on her personal Instagram account, with a post-reading “pretty sure this warm ready-made by beauty is off the hook you hashtag genies can purchase p plus l just by calling in or dropping by stores just ask for the color Lillee.”

After that, the company would contact Lillee Jean to let her know that she needed to cease lying about their partnership with her.

Brand partnerships were only the tip of the iceberg for Lillee Jean.

The fact that Lillee Jean’s face had been Photoshopped onto another picture of Katy Perry that will appear in 2019 was something we indicated right at the beginning of the story.

Put a picture of Lillee Jean on the cover of a Teen Vogue magazine, despite the fact that the magazine had been shut down two years before, in 2017.

Upon reading it, one would discover that a photograph of Lillee Jean’s face was on display in New York City’s Times Square.

The assumption that this was likewise a Photoshopped picture will soon be dispelled, as it will be revealed that Lillee had been picked by the CoverGirl company to have her face placed up there since their marketing campaign needed photographs of genuine people.

How she scammed Brands for Millions

How ironic that as the evidence against Lillee Jean began to grow, she was finally unable to ignore it any longer.

Even though Lillee Jean tried to discredit the Photoshopped Met Gala and Teen Vogue images by claiming that they were the work of a fan and that they were subsequently re-posted because the creators liked them so much, the person who was privy to the message exchange insisted that Lillee Jean had never suggested the images were fake or indicated anything indicating the opposite.

Lillee’s response to the DMCA claims is to say that you and your cyberbullies have been trying to bring me down for 18 months and that you’ve done all you can to do so.

It’s undeniable that Lillee and her mother put forth a lot of effort.

For this reason, no matter how hard she tries, she can never make any of her videos enjoyable to watch since she’s always trying to put on a show and taking down anything negative of Lillee Jean just addresses the symptoms rather than the root cause of the issue.