The Long-Nose Dog Meme: What’s Behind “Didn’t I do it for you”

If you are active on TikTok and on YouTube, you must have seen animated videos of dogs with long snouts. All of those videos have the same audio elements, but what exactly does it mean?

There is a very simple explanation about these meme videos, so let’s see how exactly the meme progressed into a hype these days.

The Dog as a Starting Point

Let’s begin with the most obvious aspect of the videos – the dog. It is a Borzoi dog, known as the Long Nose Dog. 

As the name suggests, this dog has a long nose, skinny body and very shaggy fur. The first Borzoi dog that went viral in the online world was Esper, back in 2016.

Memes started ever since, with arguably one of the most notable Borzoi dogs being Lapsha. It has a very popular Instagram account on her page @loopsnoot. The page began posting in 2018, but it took several months for the admin to post images close to Lapsha’s nose.

What About The Song?

Moving on, we have to say that the song in these videos is quite catchy. Well, if you are looking for it, we can save you some time on research. 

The soundtrack is a cover of the popular FKA twigs – “Cellophane”. Speaking of the cover, it is done quite interestingly with a voice impersonation of Miss Piggy from “The Muppets”. 

In the end, an account on TikTok put all the instrumentals from the original Miss Piggy sound to the cover, and that is how the soundtrack was born.

Meme Progression

As you could imagine with TikTok, interesting content like these dog videos exploded in popularity, seemingly overnight. However, there is a chronological order that we could trace back to provide you with more concrete information about how the long-nosed dog videos escalated.

On December 11th 2022, the TikTok account “sugarthesilken” posted a video of a Borzoi dog taking a bath. She used the Miss Piggy cover of Cellophane explained above as her TikTok sound. 

By doing that, she got nearly 10 million plays and 2 million likes, just in one month. So, other people owning a Borzoi dog took notes and were quick to jump on the train as well.

One example here would be the TikTok account called “thatoingosmyboingo”. On December 13th, 2022, this account got about 3.7 million plays and around 890,000 likes in one month with a similar video.

One month later, another account called “drawzillazzz” posted a video with an original animation that used the Miss Piggy cover of Cellophane. The video featured a Borzoi trying to get to the bottom chips in a Pringles can. 

In just four days, this video got about 46 million plays and 5.4 million likes, which is impressive. Finally, on 7th January 2023, “alyssa.rileyyy” posted another video of the animation with her own Borzoi. It got about 12.4 million plays and around 803,000 likes in just four days.