Why was Matt Damon involved in a Crypto Scam?

What better way to begin than with Matt Damon’s legendary remarks, which were released nearly precisely a year ago today, approaching Halloween.

Fortune does not always favor the brave

Now the question I’ve been thinking about is, “Is it true?” Is it true that fortune favors the brave? To be honest, he does seem cool while saying it, but everything sounds nice with cool music behind it.

Take this, for example, and put music behind it when I claim enormous frogs exist.

You already know how much I despise CGI. I mean, if you can’t do it for genuine, I think you’re a phony.

It makes me question whether Matt Damon was truly standing in front of Mars the whole time.

Is it true that luck favors the bold? So, I crunched the statistics.

How did Matt get into the advertising deal

On October 28, last year, Matt Damon advised 18 million individuals to invest in crypto.com.

If you had invested in crypto.com, crypto coin, you would have lost 50% of your money.

At the same time, if you had decided to participate in the global crypto market at all, you would have lost around 60% of your money during the year.

Even if you had mistaken this crypto ad for a job post and applied to crypto.com, you would have been screwed because crypto.com has now laid off a large portion of its workers. Inside sources retaliated by saying they lied after reporting 5% layoffs.

According to some accounts, it was closer to 30 to 40% of their employees.

In any case, this is bad news for everyone affiliated with crypto.com and represents a significant departure from the heroic rising melody of Fortune favors the brave.

I don’t want to deny that practically every market is in distress right now.

With the notoriously steady S&P 500 down 20%, it’s not only crypto. So, let’s not sugarcoat it: Fortune isn’t exactly on anyone’s side right now.

It just harms some people more than others.

So perhaps the saying here is that fortune favors the brave the greatest.

Matt Damon in a web of lies

What I find so amusing about Matt Damon’s comment isn’t simply that it’s no longer true, or that it wasn’t true when he said it.

Even when it was originally documented, it was false.

Remember how Matt Damon gave us the genesis of this statement, with that dramatic music playing in the background?

The four simple words that have been uttered by the brave since the time of the Romans, I really checked it up, he’s referring to a Roman called Pliny the Younger, who is writing about his uncle’s exploits to go close to a volcano eruption.

Everyone apparently believed it was too unsafe and wanted to return.

His uncle was Matt Damon’s ancestor or something like that, and he stated, Fortune favors the bold, which everyone thought was really fantastic.

So they sailed closer to the volcano, and the uncle perished as a result.

The original narrative ends with the uncle being overtaken by sulfur fumes and dying.

Fortune does not always favor the bold; sometimes fortune is attached. With sulfur gasoline, he annihilates them.