Metaverse’s Future: Why Zuckerbergs dream is bound to fail

Facebook’s stock price has fallen by over 50% in only seven months what’s going on? Well, let’s begin by looking at the day on which this price decline began the second of February 2022.

Within the parent company of Facebook and Instagram was $230 billion of value in less than 24 hours.

230 Billions burnt in only 24 hours

Just to give you an idea about how much money $230 billion is the total GDP of New Zealand being the value of every single product or service produced by the entire country for the whole year, it was only 210 billion, which is less than what Facebook lost in a day.

Shown on screen is a graph displaying the amount of daily active Facebook users over the last 10 years for every quarter besides the first three months of the pandemic growth in the Facebook user base was almost strangely consistent.

For the first time in the website’s history, user growth flattened off substantially when looking at the graph on monthly Facebook users as opposed to daily Facebook users.

Surprisingly, or perhaps unsurprisingly, Instagram follows a similar trend to Facebook nothing but growth from 2015 until 2021, at which point stagnation hits why? Well the first reason behind Facebook and Instagrams user growth stagnation is somewhat of an impressive problem.

They’re battling with human population limits and have run out of new countries to expand into of the 8 billion people on earth 3 billion login to Facebook at least once a month leaving 5 billion people that don’t use the service regularly.

Of these 5 billion remaining 1.7 billion live in countries such as China, Iran and Russia where Facebook and Instagram have been banned by the government leaving only 3.3 billion who aren’t using the service, according to an article written by the New York Times and other 3 billion do not use the internet at home or on their phones.

Facebook and Instagrams problem becomes obvious they’re running out of humans.

In an article written by time titled inside Facebook’s plan to wire the world.

Is it selfish for Zuckerberg to connect the entire world to the internet just so he can get more people onto Facebook and Instagram? Or is it a win win situation for everyone? That’s an ethical conundrum for you to consider.

Facebook has lost 1% or 30 million of its users to that pesky little thing known as death.

With 12.1% of Facebook’s user base being over the age of 55.

Tougher times ahead

This number will inevitably increase as time progresses yet Facebook should probably be less worried about the boomers and a little more concerned about the Zoomers, as Facebook biggest loss in user count stems from the younger generation back in 2018, Facebook demographics began to follow a very interesting trend, there was an increase in users from the older generation little change from those in their middle age and a pretty substantial loss in users from those under the age of 25.

There was a slight increase from the oldies barely any change for the middle aged crowd and again, a massive 17% decline in only two years for those using Facebook under the age of 34.

Who the hell uses Facebook anymore is without a doubt something you’ve heard from a friend or your favorite large influencer.

Facebook CEO keeps believing in the project

When looking a little closer at the graph displayed on screen, the reason becomes pretty damn obvious competition teams just don’t find value in Facebook anymore.

People have to eliminate platforms that begin to lack a value added incentive Facebook, which teens often associate with their parents has little to offer Gen Z Zuckerberg himself even echoed the sentiment when Mehta stock price began to decline.

The general vibe that Facebook gives is that it’s a watered down weaker version of the four most popular apps combined, and it’s diversified to the point where rather than being strong in one area, it’s just kind of weak in all areas.

Seven months ago, Zuckerberg announced that their focus was going to be on short form video, but it’s obvious that the Facebook algorithm is poor in comparison to YouTube and Tik Tok.

What’s the point in going on Facebook to see your friends photos when they’re posted to Instagram anyway, Facebook definitely has a bit of an edge with messenger but this is still in very close competition with Snapchat, Instagram, Twitter and good old fashioned text message.

The metaverse is theoretically a product that will appeal to the younger audience who are departing Facebook in droves.

The other thing that Zuckerberg seems to have going for him is that as highlighted by the previous data, it seems as though many of Facebook’s young former users are simply migrating to his other product Instagram, which is clearly not in the same dire straits that Facebook is in however, it’s not like Instagram hasn’t been without complaints recently.

It used to be a place where pictures of food travel maybe short videos in stories like Facebook, your Instagram feed was mostly filled with people you know, or brands or influencers you chose to follow.

The article stated Instagram users cumulatively spending 17 point 6 million hours a day watching reels less than 1/10 of the 197 point 8 million hours Tik Tok users spent each day on that platform rails engagement had been falling down 13.6% over the previous four weeks and the most rails users have no engagement whatsoever when referring back to Instagram His quarterly revenue chart these negative changes seem to reflect in the flatline seen over the last 12 months is Instagram running into the same problem as Facebook trying to compete with everything whilst losing their edge in the process.