MrBeast Joins – Rumors get louder

MrBeast, a well-known YouTube celebrity, has recently made waves on social media, with many believing that he may be associated with the new streaming site, Kick. While Amazon-owned Twitch remains the most popular streaming network, Kick has lured several major stars away from it, like Adin Ross.

A Few Words About The Advantages of

Kick has joined the market as a new rival to Twitch. Kick, like Twitch, is a live-streaming site. The similarities, however, end there. These platforms take distinct approaches to how they handle its authors and audiences.

Kick is supported by Stake and has vowed to be a better solution for streamers, with subscription money divided 95/5. They’ve also committed not to bind creators to exclusivity contracts. MrBeast has been seen in and around the platform, increasing speculation that he is connected.

The appealing policies do not stop with the subscription money. Kick will also pay off based on watched hours and total number of viewers you get during the stream. The payment should proceed the same day.

Several contenders have attempted to dethrone Twitch throughout the years, but none have succeeded. Kick, on the other hand, appears to be making progress, bringing both major and small streamers to their platform. Famous Chess Streamer GMHikaru has recently joined the platform.

MrBeast has been replying to and communicating with Kick as it progresses on social media channels such as Twitter.

MrBeast’s Observations on Kick

Several people have seen MrBeast’s numerous connections with Kick, leading to suspicion that he may be joining the streaming service or working with them in another capacity. MrBeast, on the other hand, has denied any major participation as there were speculations about becoming a CEO of, stating he is simply enjoying the show.

MrBeast has dabbled in broadcasting, playing games on his MrBeast Gaming channel alongside JackSepticeye, Karl Jacobs and PewDiePie. With the amount of effort that goes into his enormously successful YouTube videos, he is unlikely to make a permanent switch into streaming.

It is fairly rare for major streamers to abandon ship and migrate to other platforms, especially if they can receive a better offer. 

While it remains to be seen if Kick will be able to rival Twitch in the long term, the fact that it has attracted huge personalities like Adin Ross and generated attention from MrBeast is certainly encouraging. Kick may have what it takes to challenge Twitch’s supremacy with a more equitable revenue-sharing model and a dedication to not holding creators tied to exclusivity contracts.

It’s also worth mentioning that Twitch has recently been accused of not doing enough to address hate speech and abuse on its site. According to Tech Crunch, this has led to some broadcasters and watchers seeking for alternative platforms that are more inclusive and safer. 

Whether MrBeast is affiliated with Kick, his activities with the site are clearly creating interest and contributing to its increased visibility. MrBeast has a massive following and influence on YouTube, and his support for Kick might go a long way toward luring additional producers to the site.