Mr.Beast and his Russian copycat: How does he react?

The difference shown on the screen is two distinct thumbnails slapped on two different videos created by two different artists.

In his video, Finally, Tesla maintains a challenge that has had 69 point 69 million views to far. The last person to leave this automobile gets to retain it. The thumbnail on the right was designed for a video by the Stokes Twins, a YouTube channel with 10 million subscribers.

Russian Creator blatantly copies Mr Beast

Just one and a half months ago, it gets worse when you realize that not only did the Stokes twins 110% rip off Mr. Bass thumbnail style, but if you look closely, you’ll notice an unusually placed little Pikachu in the top left hand corner of both thumbnails indicating that the Stokes twins simply took the original thumbnail and photoshopped themselves right over the top.

The Stokes brothers have repeatedly imitated a YouTuber named unspeakable, not just with the thumbnail, but also with the title, all the way down to not one, not three, but two full stops at the end of the phrase.

They’ve made headlines and nearly gone to jail for their idiotic pranks, received many video comments from folks who had their thumbnails and ideas taken from them, and even gotten into Twitter disputes with celebs like FaZe Rug for copying a chunk of his work.

The Stokes twins channel is run by two brothers from the US state of California who have amassed a little more than 10 million subscribers and had their best 30 days ever last month, gaining a whopping 180 million views, the majority of which came from stolen ideas, thumbnails, and even the most meticulous elements of different videos such as their camera angles before they develop their favorite hobby of ripping off other people’s content.

They started as classic inspirations discussing their existence as twins. However, after realizing that no one cared about their life as twins, they followed in the footsteps of all a boy douchebag YouTubers in late 2010 and began uploading pranks, which is where the YouTube world was first exposed to the stupidity of these two morons, this Stokes twins thought it would be a good idea to stage a bank robbery prank in October 2019.

The twins were detained and issued a summons to appear in court later.

The twins will plead guilty and get 160 hours of community service and a year of probation, but regardless how heinous the prank was, the Stokes twins scum beggary was just getting started.

Following their arrest for bank robbery, YouTube hilariously changed their content policy to no longer allow any dangerous or threatening pranks, including fake home invasions and robberies. With their dependable prank video style now breaking tos, they will pivot their content to include challenge style videos, and as such, they will begin to rip off every other YouTuber under the sun.

Examples include their twins vs twins challenge series, Instagram rules our lives or a day video, and other videos with a good level of uniqueness.

Why does he do it?

Perhaps they reasoned that since they had less subscribers, their video would not do as well, thus it didn’t matter if they merely copied a bigger producer.

The Stokes brothers’ video became viral, with more views than not just all of their previous non-copied videos combined, but also more views than FaZe rug’s original version.

They will then replicate this maneuver by cutting people’s earbuds and giving them air pods that were copied word for word and style for style from that epic, which did far better than their non-copied films.

Because many of the videos they were posting were copied from other large YouTubers like That Was Epic or FaZe Rug, who likely figured that talking about it would simply give them more attention, the Stokes twins would continue copying YouTuber after YouTuber with little backlash. However, there was only so many videos they could copy before another creator properly snapped back at them for their unethical antics in April 2020.

The Stokes twins would post a video titled The problem with online classes less than a month after another YouTuber named Charles the French posted a video with the exact same title. The Stokes twins did the right thing and made their own thumbnail, but the content itself was such a close rip off that it could have been the same script.

Mr.Beast’s reaction

Charles the French, understandably irritated, would then publish a video titled that did the Stokes twins copy us, calling them out for copying his gags.

The Stokes twins received so much backlash for stealing the jokes that you have to scroll through over 100 comments on their video to find anything that isn’t roasting them for being copycats, which clearly had an effect on them as they couldn’t hold their tongue and would then respond to Charles the French where they would go on to paint themselves as victims of content theft, which apparently justified them in stealing Charles de French’s video as an influencer,

It’s all too usual for us to open up pretty much any app and watch individuals steal, replicate, and mimic our videos, right down to the exact phrases and body motions and mannerisms.

To their credit, they did admit to stealing Charles’s original video. “We absolutely could have done a better job crediting you the beginning setup and grab our similar we’re obviously inspired and from this point on, everything was solved,” they said.

They never duplicated any other person’s video again.

The Stokes brothers borrowed David Dobrik’s sketch concepts and even camera angles for Mr. Beast. I went back to first grade for a day by utilizing the same font style and intro today, myself and the crew are going back to first grade today, just to put the icing on the cake.

The Stokes twins will also imitate Mr. B’s banner, which says “subscribe for a cookie,” by having their banner subscription equals cookie, which might be considered yet another significantly influenced piece of media.

Apart from a few fans writing on Mr. B’s subreddit about the stolen information and a video broadcast by the Azure show.

Despite the call out and outcry, the thumbnail has not changed, and the video has received over 10 million views.