Massive Breakup: NG Slots & MG Slots go seperate ways

How the split between the two started

So, over the last few weeks, I’ve been receiving messages from individuals indicating that there’s a fresh split in the Slack community, that MG and the famous YouTube gambling channel NG Slot are no longer friends, and that they haven’t been seen in each other’s live streams or premieres in a long time.

Okay, so obviously, you know, here’s the first sign they’re no longer buddies, something occurred, we need to go a little further.

We discovered that one of his viewers had questioned him about Naric, and their remark was erased in the chat, which made me think, Oh, this is juicy.

Why did NG & MG break up?

What might have gone wrong? After watching the MGS live stream and saw that any comments on Naric were being removed since you couldn’t even say NG because it was immediately blacklisted.

So no one could see that when people would ask you when you were going to see NG again? Or when are you going to livestream with him, you know, that kind of disappears into the ether? No one notices it, so we went back in time and began researching when they stopped speaking to each other. When did they decide to quit watching each other’s live streams? And that was around Christmastime, a little before Christmastime, and What’s going on, what happens? 

We believe that the large jackpot put this picture to irritate mg because, for whatever reason, he wants to be the high roller in the community and he doesn’t like the big jackpot and he doesn’t like that ng made up with him.

According to what’s said in the picture, they’re going to do something for charity.

Once this occurred and G decided to take advantage of the situation, he would pull away from Ng, block him, and just terminate their connection.

As someone who understands pretty much all the major channels and what occurs on and who’s pals with who, we recall when Mg came on the scene and still wanted to be Buddy with Brian Christopher.

Why has no one ever inquired what happened to mg and slot woman, who are no longer friends? They don’t, as you know, list each other, supporting channels and all that.

Let’s put it this way, Claudia: if no one knows who she is. There’s tea there, and I’m dying to know Claudia, just spill it and give me the receipts.

He was phoning and G was on the phone at the same time to tell him he spotted me at the casino.  Supposedly it was something along the lines of, you know, he’s extremely pleased to meet me.