PaulinhoLokobr: Brazil’s Casino Streaming Sensation

A Life of Games and Fame: Meet PaulinhoLokobr

Aliffe Carvalho, better known to his legion of fans as PaulinhoLokobr or Paulinho o Loko, hails from the beautiful Brazilian state of Minas Gerais. This down-to-earth gaming enthusiast first shot to fame by streaming GTA RP videos on Twitch and YouTube, winning over millions of subscribers with his charisma and skill. Today, he’s a well-known name in the world of Slots & Casino streaming, with almost 5 million subscribers on YouTube and a rapidly growing following on, the latest gambling-focused streaming platform.

From GTA 5 to the glamorous world of gambling, PaulinhoLokobr’s journey has been nothing short of legendary. Let’s dive into the extraordinary life of this online sensation and discover what makes him tick.

Crushing It on The Brazilian Casino King

PaulinhoLokobr’s move to has proved to be a masterstroke. Since joining the platform, launched by the owners of Stake Casino in response to Twitch’s 2022 ban on gambling streams, PaulinhoLokobr has become one of the biggest Slots & Casino streamers in the world.

With an impressive 31,650 concurrent viewers, Paulinho o Loko ranks as the sixth-biggest streamer on This achievement puts him among the most popular streamers from Brazil, a testament to his magnetic personality and his ability to engage audiences. His career has already seen him stream a total of 16 times, pulling in an average of over 12,727 viewers. In just 25 hours of streaming, he has amassed an astonishing 28,883 followers who can’t get enough of his Slots & Casino antics.

Counting His Winnings: PaulinhoLokobr’s Net Worth

With great popularity comes great wealth, and Paulinho o Loko is no exception. Experts estimate his net worth at a cool $1,444,150. How did he achieve this? It’s all down to his massive following and various endorsements, where he promotes products on his streams and as a affiliate. PaulinhoLokobr has also raked in a significant chunk of change through ad revenue from platforms like Twitch, YouTube, and

Love Life: Is PaulinhoLokobr Dating Anyone?

A heartthrob for many, it’s only natural to wonder about PaulinhoLokobr’s romantic life. However, Aliffe Carvalho is currently single and has not made any romantic relationships public. It seems this gaming Casanova is focusing on his skyrocketing career – after all, who has time for love when you’re busy conquering the casino streaming world?

Paulinho’s rise to stardom is undoubtedly a testament to his hard work, dedication, and undeniable charm. As he continues to dazzle fans on and beyond, we can only imagine what the future holds for this Brazilian streaming sensation. One thing’s for sure: whether he’s spinning the reels or breaking hearts, Paulinho is here to stay – and we can’t wait to see what he does next!

So, why not grab some popcorn, put your feet up, and join the millions of fans tuning in to watch PaulinhoLokobr’s legendary Slots & Casino streams? With his easygoing charisma, expert gambling skills, and the occasional well-timed joke, it’s no wonder this Brazilian powerhouse has the streaming world at his feet.