3 Reasons Why Primitive Technology Videos Are Fake

In recent times, primitive building videos are becoming a very big hit among YouTube subscribers. Primitive Technology Idea is a YouTube channel that shows how a person can survive and build things in the wild only with basic tools. 

Ever since Primitive Technology started publishing these videos, tons of other channels opened on YouTube with similar videos, but with one striking difference – everything seemed much more advanced.

So, if you are a fan of these videos, we have some bad news – they are not real. Everything in these channels is completely fake, but we are here to break down how the three main reasons why primitive technology videos lie to you.

Clear Evidence for Machine Involvement

Everything that is built on these videos is so realistic that one cannot help but ask themselves – are these guys really using just sticks and mud to build everything? Once you do a bit of research, you will realize that the answer to that question is very simple – No!

The first reason for that answer is that the creators of these videos use machinery to help them out. Just by looking at the videos, you can figure some things out:

  • Digging marks that don’t correspond with the primitive tools people in the videos use
  • Tire tracks
  • Spray marks which are used to mark areas where the digging needs to be done
  • You can actually see the excavator the team uses to dig big holes in one video

One of the Camera Men Exposed the Channel

So, one of the channels that tries to expose primitive technology videos published a community post encouraging anyone with information about these videos being fake to come forward.

The channel received countless emails, but one stood out – one person from the camera crew of primitive technology videos decided to speak out.

Of course, the name of the person is blurred, but in the first email, he says that there is a large crew of people working on everything, ranging from one dozen to more, depending on the project.

Even the water you can see in some of the built pools is not natural. A team transports it there in cubic containers. Moreover, workers paint the pools in blue colour to make them look much better. 

According to the cameraman, nothing in these videos is actually happening. There is a director giving orders on how everything should look. There is also an architect on site to make sure everything stays in place during the filming.

Videos Themselves Contain Enough Evidence to Show That Everything is Fake

First off, in one of the videos, you can see how the “workers” create concrete. You can see them using just mud and water to create concrete, which is laughable.

By mixing mud and water, all that you get is muddy water, nothing more. Furthermore, in another video, workers use bamboo trees to make some construction, but one detail stands out – the clean cuts on the bamboo trees.

In one of the original Primitive Technology Idea videos you can actually see how a cut on a bamboo looks if you use primitive tools, and it is not clean at all.

Finally, a YouTube channel called PhotoXpression stumbled across creators of primitive technology videos with their drones. In clear videos taken by the drones, you can see dozens of people working on a site to construct something.

So, there is more than enough evidence to show that primitive technology videos are fake, you just need to look at the obvious facts.