Why does RagReynolds not believe that Australia exists?

RagReynolds is a Scottish YouTuber who believes the whole nation of Australia does not exist.

Which nation in the world would you demolish if you could? This is without a doubt the simplest question to answer since the response is Australia, that concrete is a waste of space, that concrete is the worst location on earth, and that footage comes from one of the early videos uploaded to Rag Reynolds’ channel and underlines it at the beginning.

Why does RagReynolds hate Australia?

Although he clearly despised Australia, he still considered it a real place. His hatred isn’t limited to his YouTube channel; he tweets things like “as a public service, I will personally burn Australia to the ground Let’s send Australia to space” and “as a public service, I will personally burn Australia to the ground Let’s send Australia to space” as well as one final banger rating.

If Australia wins Eurovision, I will drown one dog and burn one infant for every point they get, according to Reynolds, who did not indicate where this anger sprang from.

Australia, as you can see, has the lowest average IQ of any nation on the globe.

While these statements demonstrated that Rag Reynolds still believed in Australia’s existence, this was not going to last.

After a month of uploading down with Australia, Reynolds’ loathing for the nation morphed into the notion that Australia did not exist at all.

RagReoynold’s community of internet trolls

Then, unexpectedly, I came across a Gang on Twitter stating that Australia did not exist.

I just discovered that Australia does not exist.

Now, Rob Reynolds’ skepticism in Australia was not exactly an unique notion; in fact, he stated in the preceding film that his hypothesis was influenced by another Twitter user.

Well, the truth is that Australia does not exist.

I’m sure you’ve spoken with folks claiming to be from Australia on the internet.

We’re not sure why the government set up a fictitious continent or why it’s attempting to persuade the world that this continent exists, but we can assure you that Australia does not exist.

As you can see from this response, there wasn’t a lot of support for the notion; however, there was one person who submitted a globe map with and without Australia in the bottom right hand corner.

More than 200 people met in the UK city of Birmingham to debate whether Australia existed.

If you believe you’ve been to Australia, you’re mistaken.

Ryan Reynolds would go on to say that Australia’s distinctive species, such as kangaroos, had been roboticized by New Zealand in order to support the lie, and that they thought it could be a good idea to start importing bizarre new creatures.

Being from Australia, I’m astounded that such a genius discovered our secret that we’re all fake.

Thank you for teaching me on Australia’s horrible reality.

I’m joined by self-proclaimed Australians who will try to explain to me why they believe Australia is a genuine place, despite the fact that the folks on the podcast made some fairly sensible arguments.

Rag Reynolds was unconvinced, and judging by these recordings, he was further reinforced in his conviction that Australia did not exist.

It seemed like Rag Reynolds would never alter his opinion about Australia’s existence.

They envision all of their experiences, so naturally his audience started to call him out, claiming that he never even been there in the first place, prompting Rob Reynolds to take a polygraph test to certify that he had in fact traveled to Australia.

This apology would come in the form of a final video titled Australia does exist, in which Rob Reynolds would finally confess that Australia was a genuine place after all of this time. Australia is a genuine location, of course.

They have beautiful animals, and I apologize to any Australians who inquired Jillian’s Australia.