SethTheProgrammer Drama: Why Is Clyde Accusing Seth?

When it comes to drama in the gaming and the streaming world, we seem to be getting it on a daily and weekly basis. It seems like every streamer and content creator that has done something inappropriate in the past will be exposed sooner or later.

In this article, we will dive into the drama that is circulating around SethTheProgrammer, which was initiated by a YouTuber and streamer named Clyde.

Who Are SethTheProgrammer and Clyde?

First of all, SethTheProgrammer, or just Seth, is an infamous YouTuber and streamer that is known for making fun gaming videos where he debates and fights anime characters. He usually debates about Naruto, Bleach, Dragon Ball, and many other animes.

He has around 895,000 subscribers on YouTube and over 118 million views on his videos. On Twitch he is followed by almost 20,000 followers, and he has a total view count of over 107,000.

Clyde, on the other hand, isn’t among the most popular individual on YouTube and Twitch, but he is still relevant. He has over 213,000 subscribers and around 20 million total views on YouTube. 

As for his Twitch channel, he has over 12,000 followers and almost 60,000 total views. Almost all of his videos and stream content are about the anime world.

What Are the Accusations Towards Seth?

In the past, Seth was seen making videos in collaboration with prominent content creators from the power scaling community such as Six, Swagkage, and Clyde. On his videos and streams, you can see that he has a very divisive personality, which you can either like or hate him for.

Seth frequently insulted his fans and viewers and had a pretty terrible attitude when it comes to debating anime characters. Many fans followed him for these characteristics, but there were also many who were hurt and irritated by it.

Now, Clyde has made a YouTube video of nearly 3 hours, where he explains his reasons for stopping every type of work with Seth and attempts to expose him. He provided screenshots that show how awful he is behind the scene. 

In the video, he also revealed screenshots of Seth where he attempts to solicit nude pictures of minor girls. People that have collaborated with Seth in the past have told their stories about him in the video.

They accused Seth of insulting the other YouTubers he used to work with. Clyde also revealed that he used to steal money from him and then lie about it. He said that Seth was insulting other people for being suicidal.

In the end, Clyde asks his fans and viewers to send him other proofs that they have of Seth, as his name was mentioned many times in different forums. As a result of Clyde’s accusations, Swagkage and Six have announced that they would not continue working with Seth in the future.