Trainwreckstv’s Girlfriend: Who is Streamer Kayla (aka Felissetv)?

If you are following live streams on Twitch, then you’ve certainly come across the famous streamer Trainwreckstv. In 2021, he was the second-highest-paid streamer on Twitch and up until today has around 98.5 total views on the platform.

However, recently he decided to join another streaming platform called, which offered him a partnership deal. There are many other interesting things to mention about Trainwreck, but in this article, we will put our focus on his girlfriend.

Who is Trainwreckstv dating?

Tyler Niknam, also known as Trainwreckstv is currently dating Kayla Smith, who he shares an apartment with in Vancouver, Canada. They’ve been together since 2017, and they have been very open about their relationship with the world.

The public isn’t aware of how the two got together, as they don’t share very personal details about their relationship online. 

Kayla is a former streamer that goes by the name Felissetv on several social media platforms such as Twitter and Instagram. She is known for playing Overwatch and streaming her live-action with her fans.

Somewhere around 2016, Kayla got banned on Twitch for toxic behavior during one of her Overwatch live streams. She pleads for someone to ask the streaming platform to unban her, but her channel is still restricted. 

The only way for her to appear on a Twitch live stream is by joining the ones that her boyfriend broadcasts, which she’s done a couple of times. Kayla Smith has also tried streaming on a platform called Mixer, which was owned by Microsoft, but the site was officially shut down in July 2020.

Recently she revealed that she thinks Overwatch is bad for her mental health and has gone for around two months without playing it. Despite Trainwrecks controversial personality the both have never been part of any Twitch scandals in the past.

What Does Kayla Do for a Living?

According to multiple tweets and Instagram stories, Kayla currently acts as an influencer for Trainwreckstv streams, podcasts, and shopping pages.

She has advertised his Twitch account multiple times on Twitter and Instagram. Apart from that, it is truly unclear whether Kayla works something else on the side. Also, her net worth is unknown as she keeps most of her life private.

Trainwreckstv and Kayla’s Relationship

The relationship between the two streamers had its ups and downs over the years, as they’ve broken up a couple of times over the years. But, everything seems fine with them at the moment, as they share an apartment in Vancouver, Canada.

It looks like the bad period has come to an end and they’ve gotten to a more understandable and peaceful phase in their life.

You can see several tweets where they share their feelings about each other. But, both of them have decided to keep that to a minimum as they want their relationship to be more private.

Trainwreckstv and Kayla can be seen doing friendly banter on social media every now and then. This shows that their relationship has moved to the next level and it seems like it will last for a lifetime.