Why did Twitch ban gambling: 3 Reasons

I suppose I shouldn’t be shocked given Twitch’s recent performance. As much as I want to believe Twitch has had a moral crisis here. So let’s go through Twitch’s announcement on their gambling ban.

Gambling was a huge problem on Twitch

Basically, the beginning of it talks over the site’s huge gambling problem and what they intend to do about it.

They claim that gambling material on Twitch has long been a hot issue of debate, and that we’ve been actively examining it since our previous policy change in this area.

So, if you’ve been a longtime subscriber, you’ll know that this isn’t the first time Twitch has been chastised for this.

We’ve personally gone through a twitch gambling Ark. Remember how Moodle horror and I worked with a year ago to beat the gambling the meta on Twitch?

Everyone left rube on the right, Steve will do it, and he hasn’t gambled in a week.

You know, it was much greater than I thought, since we practically switched everyone from beer to cerveza, right? It was the same item with a new name.

Because the stories of gambling addiction are so awful, they felt compelled to act.

Mostly affiliates are affected

So Twitch declared that affiliate codes will be banned, which meant that the biggest streamers couldn’t directly connect their affiliate codes to these gambling websites and make even more money.

Sites like steak are putting in millions and millions of dollars to lure the best streamers to bet on their website, so individuals like x QC and train wrecks are virtually full-time casino employees.

Twitches, gambling content restrictions, or whatever works about as effectively as spraying a squirt gun at a house fire.

Twitch is simply saying, “OK, no more Mr. They’re going to adopt a more aggressive attitude.

They sponsor the UFC, but one of their main marketing vectors over the years has been the Twitch slots segment, where they had the top streamers working for them, like 18 hours a day, putting out that hot gambling material.

Which is possibly because most people consider them to be less hazardous kinds of gambling.

Twitch has a point here, don’t you think? Is poker a game that was developed thousands or hundreds of years ago? I honestly don’t know.

These are little types of it, but I don’t believe it’s debatable that slots are the most essential and potent form of gambling we currently have.

I’m sure it will enrage some people, who will come in and say, you know, what about personal responsibility? They have a point, and I want to address it because I believe in individual accountability at the individual level. For example, if you’re addicted, you must accept personal accountability; no one else will help you out of your predicament.

When we’re talking about a platform, that argument falls apart because, after all, who doesn’t talk about personal accountability when it comes to gambling? state.com? At no time during their revenue, share meetings do they say, “Oh, darn it, individuals are just taking too much personal accountability, we’re losing income here.”

They know that if we want to pay XQC $10 million a year, we need to get this many users on our site.

Why do casinos not care?

The only time gambling websites discuss personal accountability is when it fits them in the press, just when it absolves them, such as when the individuals peddling addiction want to talk about how it’s your job not to get hooked.

If the solution to an individual problem is to tackle it at the individual level, what is the solution to a platform-wide problem? It’s at the platform level, and Twitch is finally doing it.

You can’t simply ignore the fact that your platform is the gateway drug for many people to become hooked to gambling forever, you know, and trust me, Twitch has tried to ignore this for a long time, but they can’t anymore, so I absolutely think this is a step in the right direction.

Perhaps most significantly, and certainly most importantly, this is a tremendous win for Coffees Allah stockholders. Some of you have stuck with me for a whole year while we fought this gambling meta, and to finally come out on top no thanks to me, by the way, because we haven’t talked about him in a while.