TwitchCon Drama: Dr Disrespect and Mizkif back at TwitchCon

We’re here to catch up on all the drama we missed out on in the last few days yesterday of course the biggest stuff from TwitchCon today we jump into some of the biggest valorant drama at least from the female scene it’s like a Gosh dang movie we’re also talking about Doctor disrespect or maybe a fake one of him being at TwitchCon we’re going to throw masterchief Megan the stallion in there and then

Dr Disrespect back at TwitchCon

We also observed someone who was still permanently banned by Twitch at TwitchCon, or a couple of individuals perhaps mimicking the doc at the event, as predicted. You had YouTube broadcasters there, you had people attempting to, you know, dress up all the time in various uniforms, clothes, and costumes.

Here’s the video, which shows the three times back to back karaoke singing winner of TwitchCon asking for your name.

In case you missed it on the 511 East Asian Cambodian horror.

There were some speculations that JD on could have been at this TwitchCon, but there was no solid proof whether it was him. I did saw a few individuals strolling around with complimentary GT on T-shirts.

Nothing has come of it as of yet, but it’s exciting to see people bringing that things to TwitchCon, and we’ll see what material emerges out of those moments.

So to his Megan the stallion, she put on a performance at TwitchCon that probably wouldn’t be allowed to be streamed on the website, but it was still pretty crazy because she was pulling people from the crowd at one point she pulls up Masterchief and I can’t show you guys everything, so I might blur some stuff there.

It’s the big one today since I have no idea what’s going on with this squad.

After beating CLG red, they were just qualified because VCT later stated one of their members was using a third party software aka cheating and a massive and viral statement we’re talking about tens of thousands of likes as CLG red would eventually go on to Move on After facing this team where we thought there was a cheater right CLG red taking to Twitter to really enjoy and soak up this moment.

No, because the team and the alleged cheater I’m going to not only that player who was accused of cheating, known as dyslexia, or dyslexia, but also that person’s teammates coming out to defend this as a false ban for cheating a big statement because when valor bans these pro players, and usually with pretty heavy cars, and I don’t think we’ve ever seen a decision like this be reversed and when it comes to accusing a team of using.

Role of Twitter was discussed

They then turned to Twitter as an anti-cheat measure. The cops were contacted because the same accused gamer was also detected in a cheaters discord.

They went on to say that in the middle alright, after the team denied it, I did own cheating software back in the day, but I wasn’t utilizing it against CLG red, which normally doesn’t inspire much trust.

They then make a tweet lengthier still claiming that they cheated during that specific series vs CLG red, despite the fact that the initial tale was that it was a fake ban since the individual queued with a cheater instead, bear with me here.

So they go from being accused of cheating to claiming, “No, I didn’t cheat.”

It was a QA bogus ban with a cheater. Oh, wait, I used to own cheating software, but I never used it against CLG Red to say, oh, I lied about my gender to compete with this squad in game changes, like entire Lee Frick.

You even have at least one teammate, Jen, stating that they knew about this and put it on, then subsequently adding that they still don’t know whether the accused player was cheating or not.

What are your opinions on the matter? Finally, we have Miss Kip, who has finally returned to a Twitch broadcast to provide a few replies and a lot of things stated that people misinterpreted. He had three weeks off and is now back after being accused, along with his foreign companion Maya, and you can throw Mitch Jones in there as well.

He has now returned after those charges, and many were outraged, and the manner he did it, as when he originally went live, was maybe not the finest.

Chad has been I’m a visitor, and I’m delighted to be returning.

Not everyone takes melatonin. Do you use melatonin and feel sluggish as hell? After taking melatonin, I feel like crap.

Like, you know, it’s hilarious, you know, I’ll tell you.

Many other people have taken to Twitter and other media to discuss how he was kidding about covering up, you know, an essay and, and just having a crazy time.

He is no longer an OTK member until the end of the current game. An inquiry that is still continuing, so no breaking news, a return by Miss Gift that, you know, a lot of people did not appreciate, but there are still two sides as he returned to 60,000 viewers, obviously many of them were happy for Mr. Tibbs’ return.

We’ll see where this one goes, his future on Twitch and its future inside or without .