The best Undead World characters – Hero Survival Tier List 2023

Undead World: Hero Survival is a mobile role-play game developed by Korean gaming Studio DoubleDown Interactive LLC. The game is extremely popular in South-East Asia and also the United States and was downloaded over 500K times.

Today we present our Undead World: Hero Survival tier list 2023 to help you pick the best Heroes for your team. Our ranking is based on the ability and competitiveness of each character at various stages of the game and has been used by many streamers as a guide. The tier list is divided into 5 tiers, from S (best) to F (trash). We interviewed different mobile gaming experts and real developers from DoubleDown Interactive to find the strengths and weaknesses of each individual character. You can find the complete tier list below:


Only the strongest Heroes are rated in the S-tier. Make sure to include at least 2 players from this tier in your team.

In her human form, she provides the best healing from all characters
She can resurrect as a Zombie after dying and causes extreme damage to enemies
She receives a 30% attack boost and decreases enemies’ defense by 15%
In her zombie form she only takes half the damage from enemies

She is only a supporting character in the beginning and activates her powers after death
Can resurrect dead allies
Boosts LLS attack speed of all allies
Increases Life Steal by 12%Decreases enemies’ attack power

Only supporting unit
He can grant himself shielding
95% defense boost
Damage reduction for all allied Heroes
Very durable and available as a free character from the beginning


We place several strong Heroes in this Tier as your team will need strong attacking units paired with the very capable support Units from Tier-S

He is the strongest tank unit that taunts and attacks enemies
He grants one ally with protection buff
Can be equipped with shield and HP heal

Defense needs to be boosted before he becomes durable
Make sure to equip him with his signature weapon
Best offensive character + area damage
Low cool-down time

Weak defense
Strong offensive Hero
Detects traps and mines and protects from them
When mines are activated, he increases attack boost, SP boost

Low attack speed without a signature weapon
Provides shields for all allies
Boosts the defense of all allies
Healing herbs for recovery of your offensive units

Very low attacking capability
Good offensive Character
Lower enemy defense + staggering skills
SP boost to all allies

Needs signature weapon to deal out critical damage
Strongest healer character in the game
Fast HP recovery for your team

Long recovery time without a signature weapon
Heals allies well
Randomly attacks enemies with candy bombs

Only as support character


This tier consists of heroes that are not vital to your team but will be useful in certain situations to make your best heroes even stronger  

DPS Hero with good offensive skills
Can stagger and stun enemies
Provides HP and attack boosts

Weak defense without signature equipment
Good offensive Hero with SP boost
Good recovery
Perfect for low HP enemies

Long recovery times
Good area damage character
Defense, Attack, and HP boosts

Needs defense support before dealing large damages


Heroes in the C-Tier will get you through the entry levels, but have difficulties at causing a lot of damage at higher levels. You should replace these as you level up.

Offensive hero with good dot damage
Increases attack power with every killed enemy
Inflicts bonus damage when more than 5 enemies are on the field

Low defense in higher levels
Good DPS Character
Increases power with every killed enemy

Low attacking powers from the beginning
Supports damage output and HP count of allies
Stuns enemies and decreases protection

No offensive skills


This tier ranks the weakest players that you should try and avoid in your team. Only pick these if you absolutely have no other options.

AbigailWeak attacks + long recovery for defense
CadyUnpredictable due to random special attacks
JonesWeak defender, and low attacks
Webstervery low damages, only effective against boss zombies

How do we rank the characters in Undead World: Hero Survival?

We analyzed the most popular forums where fans talk about the various qualities of Undead World: Hero Survival Characters. Our team has played the RPG for several hours and tested setting up different teams to test the abilities of the Heroes in different scenarios. Our ranking is based on the experience of elite players and our research team’s experiences.

We based our tier list on our interview with developers of Undead World: Hero Survival and analyzed statistics that the game studio provided to us. The rankings in S-tier and A-tier are the result of an analysis of the most used Heroes and their victory rates. By following this guide, you can be sure to pick your team members based on observations that were made on the world’s most successful players.