Who Is WestCOL: Columbia’s Most-Popular Livestreamer

WestCOL, aka Luis Villa, is a very popular streamer from Colombia that broadcasts on the Twitch platform since August 2017. He was born in 2002 and is among the most recognized streamer in the country. As a partnered Twitch streamer, WestCOL has over 1.3 million followers.

His total view count goes over 5.2 million with 4,542 average viewers on his streams. You can also find him on Kick, the new streaming platform, which he recently joined. There he has around 91,000 followers, with that number rising by the day. He currently holds the record for most viewers in a single stream on the platform.

This streamer began his career as a content creator on the YouTube platform back in 2015. WestCOL grew up in Medellin, where several violent acts marked his childhood. Yet, he decided to stay away from all of that and focus on living a more prosperous life.


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WestCOL’s Early Life and Streaming Career

Before his streaming career began, WestCOL was working at a marketplace in Medellin for several years. He even worked for 10 hours a day just to bring some money to his home.

After that, he started working as a waiter at a bar, where he received more money. However, the owner fired him due to the pandemic, which led him into rethinking his lifelong project. It was at that time when WestCOL decided to test his content-creating skills on the platforms more drastically.

He started out streaming with the help of an influencer called Dabo, where they played video games. The skills that he gained during this period helped him to grow as one of the most recognized gamers in the country. 

Several months after that, WestCOL decided to try out some other platforms as a way to reach out to a bigger audience. Today, he manages to make a lot of money from advertising brands on his streams. A few months ago, the streamer informed us that he managed to make $30,000 during a single day of streaming.

He also invests some of his money on several personal projects, as a way to maintain revenue in the long run. It is estimated that WestCOL has a net worth of around $3,330,000. If he continues with his great streams and smart investments, then his wealth will definitely increase exponentially in the following months.

What Does He Stream About?

WestCOL broadcasts all kinds of content on Twitch and Kick. But, when it comes to gaming streams, he usually plays Minecraft, Call of Duty: Warzone, Counter-Strike: Global Offensive, and a few more. You can even catch him testing all kinds of games for a couple of hours.

His streams where he plays online slots were very popular on Twitch, but following recent gambling bans, WestCOL stop them. You can now watch him gamble online at Kick, which doesn’t restrict these sorts of streams.

Yet, WestCOL spends the most hours streaming Just Chatting content. These live broadcasts include spending time with his friends, watching and commenting on TikTok and YouTube videos, reviewing games, and much more.

After joining Kick, WestCOL has a freer approach and streams all kinds of content. Similar to other streamers on Kick, you can often find beautiful and provocative girls on his streams, which obviously generates more views.