The Rise and Fall of Lil Xan – Where is he today?

Nicholas Diego Leanos, better known as Lil Xan, has had several ups and downs in his career. But, in recent months we’ve noticed that his fall may be permanent. Below we will analyze his career and reveal some of the most interesting things about him.

Lil Xan’s Career and How It Ended?

Lil Xan started gaining recognition through platforms such as YouTube and SoundCloud around 2016 when his first couple of songs were released. But his major breakthrough was made when he presented the music video for his song “Betrayed” back in August 2017.

This song peaked at the 64th spot on the Billboard Hot 100 and was a major hit at the time. It was also certified as platinum by three different music organizations, including RIAA.

The following year he released his debut album called Total Xanarchy, which featured collaborations with big artists such as Swan Lee and Diplo. There were mostly negative reviews on his album, but it still made a somewhat average commercial success.

Xan’s career started to go downward in 2019, despite releasing a dozen of songs. He scrapped three albums over the course of a year, one of which was announced as a tribute to the late Mac Miller.

In June 2022, Xan decided to quit his own tour following a dispute with his support act, the band Dropout Kings. He also criticised his former manager Stat Quo for enabling his drug addiction and taking away his car.

The biggest factors for Lil Xan’s career fall had to do with his drug addiction and his poor work ethic. Also, his poor money management led him to lose a fortune on useless things.

What Is Lil Xan Doing Today?

Today Lil Xan isn’t very active in the music industry having released only two songs in 2022, where the last one came out in June. He is also very passive on social media, as he posts once or twice a month. This has also caused a stagnation in the overall growth of followers.

It seems like his rapping career is over as there aren’t any announcements for new upcoming songs for 2023. After the disputes with his former management team and support bands, it seems like very few people want to work with Lil Xan. 

Recent news reveals that Xan is currently working on this mental health after being released from a psych ward on March 2022. 

How Much Did Lil Xan Earn in His Career and What Is Left?

According to multiple sources, Lil Xan has made somewhere around $3 million over the course of his short music career. After his major fall, he went on to lose a good portion of that money.

Nowadays, his net worth goes between $300,000 and $500,000 and as things are shaping up, that sum will go even lower. The major loss in his wealth is due to his poor money management, fewer new song releases, no hits after “Betrayed”, and drug addiction.