What happened to Shoenice? – The rise and fall of a madman

What happened to Shoenice after he wanted to help the homeless? 

2014: Begging for money to keep his channel going. 2017: Taking advantage of editors. 2019: Trying to get into a fight with h3h3. 2020 live show about grooming teens The list just keeps growing. We’ll talk about everything, but it makes sense to start from the beginning with Shoenice’s humble beginnings on YouTube in 2008.

Anyway, Shoenice’s son signed him up for YouTube in 2008 and suggested that he start posting videos. My son did the same for me when he was eight years old. Shoenice became famous after a three-part series in 2011 in which he used a whole roll of toilet paper in 10 minutes.

So it’s safe to say that Shoenice was very likely to become an alcoholic from an early age on.

Around 2014, there were hints that Shoenice was starting to go a little off track. In August of that year, he sent out a tweet saying that he needs $1,000 PayPal to get running again on YouTube, which seemed a little strange.

Even so, it was clear that Shoenice didn’t get nearly as many views in 2015 and 2016 as it did in 2012 and 2013. Around 2017, there were a lot of cases of scum beggary that brought Chu nice back into the spotlight.

The YouTuber tubes put up a video that basically told how Shoenice ripped him off and treated him like a piece of abusive trash.

The short version is that Shoenice said he would pay the editor. Second, we can tell from his body language and slurred speech that he’s already drunk. He’s still clearly at a point where he has a drinking problem, so you might wonder where that money is really going. If we look at his Patreon now, we can see that he still has two Patreon, which could be from people who signed up a long time ago but forgot to unsubscribe.

In January 2017, Shoenice seemed to defend drunk driving by making fun of a post about a person who died after being hit by a drunk driver. The problem with being at rock bottom is that it makes things worse. He’s just going to drink more to deal with the fact that he’s at rock bottom.

Because when you lie to your fans, you almost always lose subscribers and views. Shoenice is always talking about bringing attention to hunger, but it’s clear that he’s just putting on a front to get money so we can buy more alcohol. First, during the interview, he acts like the nice guy to make himself seem like a good person.

Again, before we talk about this, these are just accusations. We’re just sharing what another creator, a guy named Dean who was good friends with Shoenice back in the day, said about Shoenice leaving Florida to come to Denver to get away from a relationship with a girl named Ellie, who was 15 at the time. When we found out that Shoenice liked the girl, she was 18 or 19 years old.

Shoenice has always had a lot of trouble, it’s true. Unfortunately, his drinking and bad habits have caught up with him. He’s alone, hasn’t felt love in years, and has terrible health and a bad reputation on top of that. But at least he might have inspired some kids, which is what he set out to do, and hopefully some of the money he made from YouTube was spent on good causes while it was still coming in.