Who is Hudson Amorim? – Brazil’s Streaming Sensation

Hudson Amorim, or HudsonAmorim, is a famous Brazilian streamer, TikToker, and internet personality. He gained a lot of attention due to his funny and super entertaining video content on several different platforms. Fans love his humour views on various topics, while many also enjoy seeing his muscular physique.

On the streaming platform, he is mostly broadcasting about online casino gambling. It is unknown how he continues to publish such content on Twitch, as the platform clearly forbids it since October 2022. Below we will reveal much more information about this popular streamer.

Where Does Hudson Amorim Stream?

You can catch Amorim’s live streams and three different platforms, Twitch, Kick.com, and Nimo TV. He features the most followers on Nimo TV, where more than 1.3 million fans are following his live broadcasts. This is truly surprising as this isn’t the most popular streaming platform on the market.

Hudson has over 281,000 followers on Twitch, where he features 3.06 million hours watched. So far he streamed for more than 695 hours with 4,398 average viewers. Lastly, on the new streaming platform Kick, Hudson maintains over 19,000 followers. 

When it comes to streaming content, Amorim enjoys broadcasting about his casino gaming experience. He spends 87.5% of his Twitch streaming time on this video content.

The same goes for the other two live broadcasting platforms. He enjoys trying out his luck on online slots and live casino games. The fans on the other hand like the thrill and excitement that he and the games provide.

Apart from online gambling, you can also watch his amusing Just Chatting streams. But, even in this category of streams, he mainly talks about wagering on casino games and past experiences and analyses other streamers performances such as xQc’s casino games.

As for the games, Amorim prefers gaming on Garena Free Fire and Counter-Strike: Global Offensive. This shows that he isn’t a passionate gamer like the majority of streamers. We can only say conclude that he is in the streaming business mainly for online gambling broadcasts.

He used to publish video content on YouTube, but he received a ban for violating the platform’s Community Guidelines. But, you can find similar content on his TikTok channel, which features over 588,000 followers. So far he has managed to gain 3.9 million likes on his videos.

You can also find him on social media sites such as Instagram and Twitter. However, we must note that he is more active on Instagram than on the Twitter platform.

Hudson Amorim’s Net Worth

It is hard to determine the net worth of Hudson Amorim as there is very little information available online. Also, he does not share such details during his streams or on his social media accounts.

However, we estimate that his net worth ranges somewhere between $37,000 and $221,000. Most of his income comes from subscriptions and sponsorship deals.

But, we must mention that as an active online gambler, his total earnings may vary drastically. This is so because you never know whether you will win or lose with such activities.