NG Slot: Who is YouTube’s Rising Casino Streaming Star?

Narek Gharibyan, also known as NG Slot, is an Armenian YouTuber and streamer that creates gaming content. He owns and operates one of the most viewed gaming channels on the featured platform.

His major success is due to his charismatic personality, super entertaining content, and HQ video streams. The NG Slot YouTube channel launched back in 2017 and so far it has around 437,000 subscribers. In total views, it features over 391,000,000 and these numbers are set to rise even further in the years to come.

What Type of Video Content Does He Publish?

The video content that NG Slot creates and publishes on his YouTube channel is about gambling. Or, more specifically, about him playing all kinds of slot machines. He travels all around the US to try out different slot games and share his experiences from land-based casinos.

On his channel, you will discover gambling videos where NG Slot places average bets. However, there are some videos where he reaches the slot’s high betting limit.

He is pretty fair when it comes to judging the slot machines and the casinos. You will even notice that he reveals both his wins and losses and the featured games. With this action, he assures his viewers that luck is very much the basis of gambling. He used to create content together with MG Slots but stopped collaborating with the couple after their break-up in 2021.

NG Slot’s intention is to provide a realistic view of slot gambling and not to promote it. This is among the reasons why so many fans follow him on YouTube and on social media platforms.

On each video, he usually wagers on only one slot machine. Also, he doesn’t lurk around the casino floor to show his viewers the features of the gambling establishment. With over 440K subscribers on YouTube he owns the second biggest casino channel on the platform behind Brian Christopher Slots.

His fans know him as a workaholic as he tends to post almost two videos per day. He has also developed his own mobile app where you can play a variety of slot games. This app is available for iOS and Android devices.

NG Slot’s Net Worth

NG Slot has a net worth of around $1 and $2 million. But, as with any professional gambler, this amount can go up and down on a regular basis. This

He has many videos where you can see him winning between $10,000 and $20,000 on various slot machines. But, his biggest-ever win on a single spin is possibly the $44,668 jackpot on the Black Diamond Slot Machine. 

However, as we mentioned earlier, NG Slot also reveals the losses that he suffers during his slot gambling. In one of his videos, he shows how he loses over $100,000 in around 2 hours.

Apart from gambling and publishing video content, NG Slot also owns a jewellery business in Moscow and the US. He also operates an online store that sells clothes, accessories, etc.

Narek Gharibyan likes to keep his private life to himself and avoid talking about it in his videos. All that we know is that he is a married man and has 3 kids. Since 2015, Gharibyan is an official US resident where he resides in Los Angeles, California.