Who is Suspendas? – Kick’s biggest IRL Streamer

Suspendas is one of the streamers who get tons of attention lately – both for good and bad reasons. He is an American YouTuber and streamer who lives in Japan.

He used to be very active on Twitch, but since he was embroiled in controversies, he now mainly streams on Kick.com.

Plenty know him as a former friend of Ice Poseidon, who is a disgraced Twitch streamer, as well as IRL streamer Hyubsama, so right from the start, there are plenty of questions that arise about Suspendas.

With all that in mind, let’s take a closer look at who Suspendas actually is, and which controversies are connected to him.

Personal Life

Suspendas’ real name is Avrom Merlin, and as mentioned above, he is a controversial IRL streamer who broadcasts his day-to-day life primarily on Kick.

He was born into a rich family who owned several houses during his childhood, one of which was in sunny Spain.

However, his family’s wealth took a big hit when the IRS took away a big portion of their money. A few years after that, Suspendas’ father passed away.

Suspendas’ has a Filipino origin, but he is also a quarter Spanish from his mother’s side. He doesn’t have fond memories of his mother, as he often said that she would abuse him and his brother all the time.

Just in 2016, Suspendas moved to Japan after finding and falling in love with a woman from that country. Before moving, they both lived in the Philippines, but now, they are living their happy life in Japan.

A piece of public information on Twitch Tracker evidently notes that he has a channel since 2020, and he currently has more than 4,000 followers there. According to streaming analysts, his net worth is estimated at USD 1.5 Million as of April 2023.

But, that is not the whole story, as since Kick was introduced, Suspendas was quick to switch platforms, and now he is mainly present there. He is also multi-streaming on YouTube.

Tons of Controversies

Even though at first glance, Suspendas may seem like your average streamer, scratching below the surface will get you some very disturbing details and allegations.

There are several controversies connected to the popular streamer, and they are all worrying, to say the least.

Just recently, in February 2023, Suspendas was doing his usual streaming on a train, when he suddenly started playing loud music. As you would imagine, plenty of the passengers were disturbed by this, and there were a few that even confronted him in Japanese and asked him to stop playing the music.

Suspendas didn’t react to this very kindly, and he is seen screaming at one of the passengers, telling him to speak English.

As he was quick to grasp Kick’s streaming services, Suspendas was one of the first IRL Streamers on the platform, but shortly after he received tons of criticism after he appeared nude on a live stream.

Another controversy surrounding Suspendas was connected to an alleged sexual assault. There is a clip of him laying on top of two drunk women which went viral on Reddit. Some who viewed the video even called the authorities to investigate it.

Just recently, the most disturbing accusation for Suspendas followed. He was accused of having sex in the presence of a minor, so as you would expect, created a big backlash.