Xposed Girlfriend – Who is he currently dating?

Cody Burnett, aka Xposed, is a Canadian streamer that fans know for his highly amusing online gambling broadcasts. He used to stream on Twitch until the platform started banning all gambling-related streams on the platform. That made him start a channel on Kick, the new trending streaming platform where he is one of the top contributors.

His big desire for gambling as well as his massive wins and losses has gained a lot of attention on the platforms. But, fans also put their interest in Xposed’s personal life, which he often talks about. One of the things that many intrigue is his love life.

Does Xposed Have a Girlfriend?

Xposed is in a very serious relationship with his girlfriend and fiancé Shania. Their long-term relationship started in 2012 when both of them were in high school. At the time, Xposed was only 15 years old, and now more than 10 years later, both of them share a son. 

The pair often shares pictures and videos about their personal life on social media. Shaia is very supportive of what her fiancé is doing on the live-streaming platforms. She’s been by his side nonstop since the beginning of his content-creating career.

Xposed on the Streaming Platforms

On his Twitch channel, he features around 538,000 followers and more than 18 million total views. His Kick channel has over 39,000 followers, but he is slowly gaining more fans as the platform’s traffic increases. 

As we mentioned in the intro, Xposed is most often streaming about playing casino games. Apart from enjoying these games and broadcasting the action, Xposed also creates some other content. 

The Just Chatting category and the Call of Duty streams are his second and third favourite things to broadcast about. But, you can also catch him trying out some new interesting games from time to time.

He is also very much active on YouTube, where he posts almost every day of the week. There he features over 351,000 subscribers and more than 133 million total views. 

Xposed Net Worth

As a popular streamer that is also a very active and successful gambler, Xposed has managed to make a small fortune. According to multiple sources, we believe that his net worth goes between $9 and $13 million making him one of Canada’s richest streamers.

He started off on Twitch in 2016 and joined YouTube the following year. This means that he accumulated profits for several years to get to this massive number. However, it is not only the fan’s subscriptions and donations that pump up his net worth.

We must not forget his massive endorsements that come from various sponsorship deals. There are many online casinos that pay for him to conduct a stream while playing on their platform. One of his biggest wins goes over $4 million, which he managed to hit on a slot game.

Software providers are also acquiring his services for a good amount. In return, Xposed is trying out his luck on some of their online slots and broadcasts the action on this Kick channel. He also posts videos about the most interesting moments on his YouTube account.