War of the Roses: What’s Going On Between xQc and Adept?

Twitch is the platform to go to when you are interested in gaming commentating from experts. But, over the course of several months, this platform has also become a place with a lot of drama and controversy. 

In the past, we have seen numerous couples from Twitch go their separate ways. But, one of the most recent ones, as well as a highly intense, breakup that we’ve seen is the one from xQc and Adept.

How Was Their Relationship?

The relationship between Canada’s most popular streamer and Adept had many ups and downs, as they had broken up a couple of times in the past. Their most notable split-ups occurred back in August 2021 and September 2022. But, as things are shaping up at the moment, there is no getting back after the last one. 

A few days after the second break up, both of them clashed during a live stream on Twitch, which was followed by around 125,000 viewers. There were arguing about numerous things in front of their fans, including intimate details, which saw some viewers calling out xQc for harassment.

On the 30th of October, during a stream, xQc reveal that he had initially tried to move on after the breakup, but after he met Adept at a party, he taught that they can try it once again.

But, after getting in contact with her, he realized that it would be a mistake and stopped his initial plan. There are some rumours that indicate xQc was left picking between his family and his girlfriend.

Adept has also accused xQc of cheating on her with NYYXXII, now his ex-girlfriend. This is also seen as one of the main reasons for their last break up.

The Divorce Drama

A few weeks ago, there was a leak on streamers’ divorce fillings, which shows that xQc cannot share any information about the break-up with his fans. Some peoplein the community claimed that the two were going through a divorce, but nothing was revealed until this leak.

This rumour started back on January 7th 2023, when Adept crushed xQc’s live stream and said in front of thousands of viewers that he was violating a court order. The Canadian streamer was revealing to his viewers that he in fact has never been married to Adept.

With the rumors came some documents indicating otherwise, as they show that he and Adept were married for two years between 2020 and 2022.

A YouTuber named Henry Resilient had publicly examined the divorce documents and revealed that Adept is filing for a restraining order. This means, that xQc cannot stalk, threaten or harass his ex-wife.

Some other details in the documents show that she’s wants to be paid by XQC for the legal fee that will arise in the divorce. She allegedly gets to keep the $300,000 McLaren, which seems to be registered under her name.

There are also some rumours about Adept trying to abuse the Texas laws around “Common Law Marriage” and seeking to take 50% of xQc’s belongings. It seems like we have to wait for a new drama as there are many uncleared things at the moment.