XQC Chat Messages: Why Did He Share Staff Chats With His Fans?

XQC is one of the most popular Twitch streamers, currently in the top 3. Even though he started as a gaming streamer, and gained his glory during his Overwatch Pro days, nowadays he is also very dominant in the “Just Chatting” category. Born in 1995, xQc is also one of the richest streamers, with his net worth in the range of $10 million.

No Stranger To Drama

He was banned several times for abusing different in-game systems of the games he streamed and competed in, so he is no stranger to online drama. Part of his internet shenanigans includes Twitch wars with other streamers such as Hasan, even though the two used to be friends not long ago.

Adept is another Twitch streamer who used to date xQc, and the whole initial drama reportedly began when the two announced their breakup on the 16th of September. The show dragged on as the two went back and forth with allegations about who was at fault. 

And this is not the only drama that xQc has been involved in. It looks like drama likes following this particular Twitch streamer, which leads us to the latest Twitch events in which xQc decided to share something spicy with his online following.

Why Did xQc Share His Private Chat Messages With His Fans?

The popular Twitch streamer Trainwreck and xQc had a feud with some other Twitch streamers who oppose gambling. Unfortunately for Train, a video of him bribing a Twitch staff member went viral and spread like wildfire among various social media channels.

Another player on the Twitch scene is HasanAbi, a prominent streamer strongly against any sort of gambling, with whom xQc and Train were in a quarrel. Ostonox, an editor for HasanAbi’s channel is the main culprit behind the shared video of Trainwreck bribing Twitch Staff.

Ostonox is also the one that is making videos about the drama around xQc and Train. Both streamers are well known for playing the occasional slot game on stream and advocate for gambling on their streams which is the topic of some controversy. 

In the messages shared with his fans, xQc revealed some of the things that members of the Twitch Staff wrote to him in a private message. One staff member with the name “Nelly” repeatedly called xQc “MY DONATOR JUICER” and the “GIGACHAD OF DONATIONS.” Another member of the Twitch Staff with the name “Somoza” according to the Twitch interface had written over 999+ messages to xQc and had 99+ timeouts. Another Twitch staff member “buck” called Espizone with a harmful monicker in xQc’s private chat.

Fans of the streamer were very entertained by the idea of xQc sharing his private messages with the Twitch staff and pointed him to the next member of the Twitch team he should show his conversations. 

Before the event on stream, the streamer was discussing Trainwreck’s alleged “donation” to the staff. It sparked a lot of controversies that is still going on strong today.