The true reason behind XQCs apparent gambling addiction

One of the biggest debates we have seen in quite some time revolving around XQC in case you guys missed it this past week he is yet again back to gambling on the Twitch platform, something he has done in the past and will probably keep on doing in the future, at least according to himself. And a lot of other top Twitch streamers have now responded if you guys missed this several weeks back, and I would say ironically time it was XQC his own dad calling him on Livestream with concerns about his recent gambling habits. This was actually after the Ludwig poker tournament. I’m not even sure his dad and neither was XQC, you see that his dad had also seen a clip where XQC admitted to losing $1.8 million in a single month.

X on his channel:

“Just because it’s fun doesn’t mean it’s okay. Would you have as much fun gambling, if you were doing it off-stream, then on stream? Yeah. Every day, I lost two minutes. I lost 1.85 millions in seconds.”

Mizfit and Asmongold share their opinion on XQC’s gambling

And beyond that, we now have several top streamers out there giving their responses Asmongold being one of many to take to Twitter and say, you know, you can only fight these kinds of things for so long as it seems that all streamers have their price. It’s crazy to have this kind of debate because there are so many streamers out there, some of whom see themselves with a firm enough footing and a future where they don’t want to risk it. And others that are the complete opposite. XQC obviously very well off where he enjoys gambling, he says, Hey, I’m going to do what I enjoy. But here’s what Mizkif and Myth had to say.

Gambling is good. Everyone thinks gambling is a bad thing. It’s not a good thing. No one, you can’t make it arguments that gambling is good. But I just think everyone has a fucking price at the end of the day, including myself. I’ve already said that if I got offered 20 million fucking dollars do I think I’d take it realistically, a tweet out if I got paid a quarter billion dollars a year? I would be like a question, marking myself every second and being like, What the fuck do I do? And I’m sorry, I’m human. I am not going to sugarcoat it and say that I would not and, um, some moral God. I think everyone does have a price at the end of the day, just a matter of how high.

Mizkif had a really good point the other day when he talked about everybody has a price. He says that he does not think it’s a good thing. Mizkif doesn’t like it when content creators take the stance of not showing moral responsibility to worry about what their audience is doing. Mizkif claims  XQC is working in the industry of influence. So he could just say he does not care about the way online casinos influence their audience. But they do.

Will Twitch ever intervene with XQC’s gambling?

It comes down to the morals of the streamer and what they decide, but does everyone have a price? We can say that nearly every streamer, according to XQC has a price, and we think most people probably would have a price and how you weigh your future versus your current morals in deciding whether to gamble in front of your audience on a platform matters. It is the easy way out of this is to blame Twitch for allowing it I think it was, as Ben who later on states, it’s not even worth arguing about because if Twitch condones it, people will do it. 

Bottom line, if you’re going to be paid to do something, which will be allowed by the platform, which also pays you to be there. Why would they not do it? And so we think it’s a great point to make. It’s also a great debate to make out there as well as to what do you guys think about this, just weeks after XQC said he had an illness and a gambling addiction? He is back gambling on the Twitch platform. It’s pretty crazy to talk about, so what do you guys think about it? Feel free to write in the comments.