XQC’s Girlfriend: Is the Streamer currently in a Relationship?

xQc, a famous Twitch streamer whose real name is Felix Lengyel recently caught the headlines in world media for a couple of reasons.

First, he went through a breakup with Adept, his former girlfriend, who is also very popular on the same platform. Millions of fans followed the battle of roses on Twitch and other social networks.

Just a few months after that, he introduced his new girlfriend Nyyxxii, who he kissed on a Twitch stream. But if you thought that the controversies stop there, you are very wrong.

Let’s dive deeper into the latest romance covering xQc and let’s check out whether he still has a girlfriend.

Who is Nyyxxii?

As mentioned above, Nyyxxii is also a Twitch streamer and is very popular on the platform. The 23-year-old England-born Twitch celebrity has more than 327k followers on the platform, with her being extremely popular for chatting with her followers in most of her streams.

Another indicator of how popular Nyyxxii is are here YouTube and Instagram profiles. On the first one, she has around 17k subscribers, and the latter is even bigger with more than 108k followers.

All this leads to one conclusion – Nyyxxii is an up-and-coming social media creator, with Streams Charts saying that she has almost active subscriptions and her income is said to be daily low for a well-known streamer. Experts assume that she does not make more than 3000 Dollars per month. Finally, she can also be proud of her over 600 patrons on Patreon.

What Happened Between her and xQc?

So, the Canadian and British streamers caught the attention of the Twitch community by making their relationship public on xQc’s Twitch stream on November 1.

Just days before, he was forced to deny fierce speculations that he is back together former girlfriend and alleged ex-wife Adept. 

On the November 1 Twitch stream, the pair kissed several times, and many fans were sure that they both were clearly in love with each other.

They both seemed quite happy, with xQc even lifting Nyykkii a couple of times.

xQc Confirms He is Not With Nyyxxii Anymore

The controversies around the new pair didn’t stop there. It seems like the new romance lasted a very short time, as on November 18, the Canadian streamer reacted to some food-related YouTube videos.

During it, a viewer asked him if he was watching cooking videos with his new girlfriend, to which xQc stunned everyone with his response. He said that he is not seeing Nyyxxii anymore, which caught everyone off-guard.

Nyyxii was not quiet for long, as she also sent a Discord message in response to the latest claims by xQc.

She said that Adept called her the day before and told her that xQc is lying to her. She hung up the phone, and just as she was about to message xQc, she saw that she is blocked on every social media account. Understandably, that came as a big shock to the English Twitch streamer.

Felix confirmed that the Discord message was real, and he was quick to explain why he ended the relationship with Nyyxxii.

Among other things, he said that there were some very verified people who told him different stories about Nyyxxii, which, in his own words, led to him not being aligned with her.

He said that he did his homework and double-checked everything to make sure no one was lying to him. He asked several first-hand people, and he verified every piece of information he got.

When pressed on more details, the Twitch star cut short, saying that it is not a big deal. He didn’t want to reveal any further personal information. 

xQc just concluded the message saying that he is not dating, seeing or doing anything with anyone. He is back in the single world once again.