The 9 most hated YouTubers 2022 and what happened to them

These YouTube producers are among the ten with the worst reputations ever. 

9: Vitaly ZD TV

The reputation of YouTube prankster Vitaly ZD TV, who was previously one of the platform’s most well-liked artists, started to suffer when he admitted in a rage video that some of his most well-liked pranks had been manufactured in 165 films or perhaps five videos.

Even though Vitaly claimed that he had only staged five films, another YouTube prankster named Foodzie responded to the video by claiming that Vitaly had staged more. This prompted Vitaly to comment once again, this time admitting that his videos were in fact phony.

Yes, some of my movies are phony, but in my opinion, Vitaly Uncensored’s release and the controversy surrounding our ascent of a Great Pyramid in Egypt were two factors in Italy’s reputational collapse.

While Vitaly appears to have made some progress toward redemption based on recent podcast appearances, the same can be said for YouTube with the worst reputation and a productions. The reputation of m&a Productions started to deteriorate when penguin zero declared that m&a was the worst YouTuber on the entire website. The initial criticism was that m&a simply made terrible generic fake rehab challenges that were targeted toward kids whose journals name is in the.

8: N&A Productions

Zero would then go on to explain that m&a Productions takes advantage of his young, impressionable audience by hosting a fake giveaway at the start of every video, and that you’re not allowed to host fake giveaways. He makes exactly the same video every time, with the exception of the very end where he changes the scare penguin.

He is infringing the law and the YouTube rules, but for some reason he has continued to do this in every single video and his channel has not yet been shut down. This behavior is combined with the advertising of his social media and is repeated exactly in every episode.

After talking about m&a Productions, Daesil patches, Pancho, and DJ Colquitt for the first three minutes of each of his videos, Penguin Zero proceeds to speak about his social media accounts and frauds.

He posts his own viral videos and complains about how horrible he was at predicting vehicle accidents. How can you label a film when one of the main critiques is that he created a 3am video and editor immediately after his passing? He truly completed the Colorado Erica 3am Challenge. One like is equivalent to one prayer for Eddie, and we are able to scan the whole internet, even his own comment sections where hateful comment bots from NA producers have joined in.

Charlie changed his mind and referred to him as the most impressive YouTuber for his consistency and ability to produce such a large volume of subpar content for such a prolonged period of time after penguin zero made his initial video, in which he referred to him as the worst YouTuber on the platform, about two years after it was posted.

7: Wings of Redemption

Speaking discussing awful material for a while, this seems like a good moment to discuss item number eight. after becoming one of the most infamous Call of Duty gamers on YouTube in the early 2000s and 2010s, Wings of Redemption After losing a one-day match to another prominent Call of Duty YouTuber named Syndicate, Wings of Redemptions’ reputation started to suffer. In the weeks leading up to the match, Wings of Redemptions had been bragging about how terrible Syndicate was and how there was no way Wings could possibly lose the match.

As these responses appeared more frequently during his streams, entire YouTube channels devoted to sharing Wings of Redemption’s worst moments were created. These videos not only attracted more trolls to each stream, but also made it nearly impossible for Wings to find employment or pursue other goals outside of streaming to an audience that was essentially just watching to laugh at him.

6: Nikocado Avocado

Eating fast food every day to make a film coincided with a significant gain in body weight.

The largest stain on his image came from the fact that he used all of these bad aspects to increase views on a video commemorating our 700-pound milestone. 

While Nick Accardo’s food-related content has attracted a fairly equal number of supporters and detractors, the same cannot be said for the individual with the six worst reputation that vegan teacher. 

5: The Vegan Teacher

In the beginning, the vegan teacher’s content was mild, and each of these videos had negative comment after negative comment about Nick Accardo monetizing the collapse of his life.

For using cheese in one of their music videos, she would criticize Cocoa Melon.

It’s quite difficult to believe that the whole channel is parody, and the fact that she continues to use social media to harass non-vegans for no apparent reason infuriates me. The severe hate rates on practically every video uploaded to our channel best capture the vegan movement’s terrible image.

The reputation of the person after them is so bad that it is impossible to locate a single compliment on any of their films.

4: Lisa Gaming ROBLOX

It’s a YouTuber by the name of Lisa who plays Roblox. She originally gained popularity by uploading a video showing herself erasing the homes of other Roblox players, but with 4 million views on such a very offensive first video, there was an unfathomable amount of reaction.

Lisa learned one thing from the video’s outstanding performance: attention means poison.

The very next video uploaded to the channel was a harmful one in which Lisa made up false accusations against a prominent Roblox YouTuber, which caused the channel as a whole to turn into a sewer of shady material.

3: Darkside Phil

Phil then joined YouTube in 2007, where he quickly rose to become one of the pioneers of uploading let’s play videos.

With so many hours of video posted to Phil’s channel, uploading for game playthroughs presented its own set of challenges. One user by the name of evil AJ 2010 compiled all of Phil’s worst moments on the game Metal Gear Solid before uploading them as a video with the title, this is how you don’t play MGS. This didn’t make Phil very pleased, so he responded to the video.

The only financially successful compilations made by other makers, each beginning with the phrase “this is how you don’t play this video,” not only caused Phil’s reputation to first deteriorate but also caused his audience to drastically decrease.

2: Maximilianmus

Maximilianmus channel was eventually shut down as a result of his actions, but his low profile doesn’t quite earn him the worst reputation on YouTube. He also did this for other streamers, but Maximilianmus most rabbit hole is so deep that it’s almost impossible to cover in one or two minutes, so you’ll have to refer to these three videos by Penguin zero turkey time and internet RJ.

1: Skye does Minecraft

The paper showed that Skye, who formerly had the 11th-most subscribers on YouTube, had not received more than $100,000 in years and had been stealing money from businesses in order to purchase drugs and never really do the task.

Then, four months later, a third-party website posted the Sky Does Minecraft YouTube channel for sale with a $900,000 asking price, earning him the distinction of having the worst reputation in YouTube history.