About the author

Peter Shepard

I was interested in the gaming and streaming community since 2018 when I started playing Rocket League. I started to blog after I found myself in a YouTube rabbit hole trying to find out what happened to the careers of some of the most popular streamers that were not visible on platforms like YouTube and Twitch anymore.

After investigating the whereabouts of some of the former superstars in the streaming community I decided to start writing about these stories on a regular basis. There are so many inside jokes, secret relationships and other trivia in the world of streaming and gaming that are unclear to people that recently joined the community and I made it my mission to learn where they come from and inform readers about them. 

I know there are a lot of like-minded fans all over the world that want some context to what we see in the live streams. I am excited to share my passion for the stories and background behind popular gaming channels and help fans understand what is going on on the big streaming platforms.