The Top 10 Biggest Deals is an up-and-rising new streaming platform that is quickly increasing its user traffic. It even made a profit in the first quarter of its existence, which is a very hard thing to do. But, it still has work to do if it wants to surpass its biggest rival, Twitch.

One of Kick’s tactics for doing that is attracting its biggest content creators with lucrative deals. This strategy is working very well so far, as many streamers and viewers switched from Twitch to Kick. Below we will reveal the top 10 biggest deals that Kick signed with popular content creators.

1. Adin Ross ($150 Million)

We start off with Adin Ross, who was one of the first streamers to switch from Twitch to Kick. According to him, he signed the biggest streaming deal in history. This stunning deal is reportedly worth around $150 million.

Even TrainwrecksTV noted that this is a record-breaking deal, surpassing all previous deals in the industry. At the moment, Adin Ross has more than 470,000 followers on Kick, which makes him the most followed streamer on the platform.

After signing the deal, Ross is actively trying to convince other popular streamers to join Kick. Now, we can only speculate whether this is part of the deal or whether he earns extra if he is successful – it is definitely sure that his net worth grew immensely through the deal.


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2. xQc ($100 Million)

Felix Lengyel, better known as xQc, has recently signed a $100 million deal with Kick. The official deal will get him $70 million for two years on the platform, but it can raise up to $100 million with incentives. This is a type of deal that the best sportspersons get from the big teams.

Ryan Morrison, xQc’s agent, said that this is one of the biggest deals in entertainment. Around two weeks after this deal, the streamer now has around 390,000 followers on Kick.

xQc is by far one of the biggest streamers in the world and he will definitely bring many new viewers. His content is all about gaming and we wait to see whether he starts broadcasting online gambling.

3. BruceDropEmOff ($80 Million)

Next up, we have BruceDropEmOff, who is another major player in the streaming industry. He signed a deal with Kick at the end of May 2023, following multiple bans on Twitch. It deal is reportedly worth around $80 million for two years on the new streaming platform.

Fans know BruceDropEmOff for his super entertaining and engaging content. With this deal, Kick gets a superstar that can greatly increase the platform’s traffic.

He has over 237,000 followers on his Kick account, and you can catch him streaming all kinds of games. Some of his most recent streams were about FIFA, CS: GO, A Way Out, and Street Fighter 6.

4. Dr. Disrespect ($50 Million)

Next, we have Dr Disrespect, who received a permanent ban from Twitch during the summer of 2020. Since then, there were a lot of rumours about him joining Kick. Now, 3 years after the ban, he is set to sign a deal with Kick worth $50 million.

This is something that Dr Disrespect is up for. But, he will try to balance his streaming time up to 3 days a week. The reason behind this is the fact that he also owns a game studio, which takes a lot of his time.

His video content is super amusing and you can catch him playing battle royal games like Call of Duty, PUBG, Fortnite, and some more.

5. Amouranth ($30-40 Million)

Amouranth is another popular streamer that recently joined Kick. She signed a deal that is roughly worth between $30 and $40 million. During one of her streames, she revealed her concerns about Twitch squeezing out its content creators.

So far, she managed to get more than 92,000 followers. But, these numbers will rise as she features around 6.4 million on Twitch. 

Kick will also benefit from this major deal, as Amouranth is possibly the most popular female streamer in the world. You can catch her streaming almost everything from gaming, Just Chatting, all the way to IRL and ASMR.

6. TrainwrecksTV ($20-25 Million)

Trainwrecks was the first streamer to join, as he help the platform start off the right way. He joined the platform as a non-owner advisor and non-exclusive broadcaster. It is unknown how much money are Kick paying him for his services.

However, we do know that he is also promoting during his live streams. This is an online casino that features the same co-owner, Ed Craven, as Kick.

During one of his live broadcasts, Trainwrecks revealed that he earns around $1 million just from Stake for his casino streams. Now, we don’t know whether he receives additional money for streaming it on Kick.

7. Destiny ($1-3 Million)

Next up, we have Destiny, who is another famous streamer that joined Kick very recently. He signed a non-exclusive 12-month partnership with on a deal that is worth seven figures. The actual worth of this deal is currently unknown, but it will come out sooner rather than later.

So far, his Kick channel features more than 44,000 followers. Before joining this new streaming platform, Destiny was only broadcasting on YouTube. The reason for this was his indefinite suspension from Twitch.

As part of the deal, Destiny’s website will no longer feature a direct stream. Also, the viewers can only discuss the topics only on Kick’s live chat.

8. GMHikaru ($ 1.3 Million)

GMHikaru is yet another popular steamer that is also a 5-time USA chess champion. He joined Kick in March 2023 after signing an undisclosed non-exclusive contract. He announced his new streaming channel on Twitter, but he also noted that he isn’t leaving Twitch for good.

On his Twitch channel, he has over 1.8 million followers while on Kick he features only around 57,000 followers. But, his numbers on Kick will rise as the platform gains more traffic and subsequently higher Kick earnings.

His streams usually attract thousands of viewers thanks to his highly entertaining content. This indicates that he will continue to bring many new fans to Kick.

10. Corinnakopf ($ 1 Million)

Corinnakopf was the first well-known female streamer to switch from Twitch to Kick. The reason for this was predominately her streaming content, which she can stream freely on the new platform.

The deal that she signed with Kick is currently unknown. Additionally, we also know that she is sponsoring Stake during her live streams. Now, she might receive paychecks from both platforms or only from the online casino.

On Kick, she currently has more than 88,000 followers, and she also makes a good amount of money from subscriptions.

10. Roshtein ($ ??? Million)

Last, on this list, we have Roshtein, who is famous for his casino gambling streams. He made the switch to so he can continue with his online gambling content. When it comes to the actual deal, we don’t feature any specific numbers.

But, we do know that Roshtein is also sponsoring with Stake, where he also gets certain endorsements. He is often streaming with Drake, who is an exclusive partner of the featured online casino.

At the moment, Roshtein has over 131,000 followers on Kick. During his streams, he is usually playing online slots, which is very amusing for his fans.