Adin Ross Net Worth: How Much Does The Controversial Streamer Make?

Adin Ross is one of the most popular streamers in the eSports broadcasting industry. He is famous for his super entertaining live videos on NBA2K and Grand Theft Auto V. Fans are following him for a longer period on his YouTube and Twitch accounts, but all of that changed in recent weeks.

Following his third, and this time permanent, ban from Twitch, Ross decided to join the Kick streaming platform. During an interview, he stated that he signed the biggest streaming deal ever. That leaves us wondering how much money this streamer is making.

How Much Does Adin Ross Make?

According to multiple sources, we’ve established that Adin Ross features a net worth between $10 and $24 million. This is a pretty big sum for a streamer, but when you look at his numbers everything will clear up.

Up until his ban on the Twitch streaming platform, he gained a total of 7.25 million followers and a total view count of 52.4 million. On his YouTube channel, he has 3.55 million subscribers and around 809 billion total views. Not many streamers can brag about numbers such as these. 

During a stream in March 2022, Ross accidentally revealed that he makes around $995,000 per week or $4 million per month just from one sponsor. 

The brand that pays him this staggering amount is the crypto casino Stake. When we add the incomes from other sponsorship deals, and platforms such as YouTube and Kick, it is hard to estimate the total monthly earnings.

However, his capital drastically improved after joining the Kick streaming platform. This decision came as a result of his permanent ban on Twitch.

The Deal With Kick

There were many rumors circulating all around the internet which indicated that Adin Ross signed a multi-million dollar deal with Kick. Some revealed that the deal is worth an enormous $150 million.

During an interview with online reporter Jake Lucky, Ross, alongside Trainwreck, stated that he signed the biggest deal ever. But, he didn’t reveal any actual numbers behind it. The only thing that he said about the amount was that the agreement was far bigger than the ones from Ninja and Nickmercs.

Just as a comparison, Ninja signed a deal with Mixer worth around $30 million that might go up to $50 million. However, later on, in the discussion, Trainwreck tells Jake and all the listeners not to believe the statements that Adin Updates publishes on Twitter.

But, he did confirm that Ross’ deal with Kick was the biggest one so far in the streaming world. Trainwreck also said that it can get messy during these kinds of deals as they tend to feature a bundle of things in them.