Our Objective

In the past years streaming platforms have created huge communities around creators on websites like YouTube, Twitch and others. The biggest creators on the web have millions of fans all over the world that want to know what’s going on in the live streams and also behind.

Streamfinder.io is a project that is aimed to provide insights into the world of streaming and gaming. The website was founded in May 2022. Today, we investigate the stories behind the most popular events on YouTube and Twitch and deliver thorough explanations and stories.

Whether you are interested in biographies, gaming guides or the latest gossip on the web – we will deliver the most relevant background information and show you the connections behind the scenes. For our content we scrape large data sources from authoritative sources and research by asking community experts and digging in community forums for hours at the time. 

On our website you will find the best stories about trending topics on the web and what the global streaming community is up to. We provide guides that help you find the best gaming advice with straightforward answers and data that was curated by gaming and streaming experts.


In our stories section you will find articles about trending topics from platforms such as Twitch, YouTube and Reddit. We combine all relevant information from the streaming community in a  single glance. 


The Streamfinder.io guides are written to give you the most important insights, tips and comparisons for popular topics in the world of streaming. We always consult with experts and summarize the most important findings from different community forums to find the most relevant findings for you.