What Casino Websites is Roshtein Using in his Streams?

Ismael Schwartz, better known as Roshtein, is the world’s leading casino streamer. The Swede got famous for playing slots and other casino games on the streaming platform Twitch.tv but moved his channel to Kick in early 2023. His hallmarks are black clothes and a distinct black hat are his hallmark apparel. 

Rosh was among the first streamers across platforms to focus on casino games in his streams and has entertained the slot community since 2016. Today he counts over 1 Million on Twitch and Kick. Some controversial voices in the gambling community accuse the Swede of playing with fake money. So what is behind the claims, and where is Roshtein playing casino?

Twitch-ChannelROSHTEIN (1.1 Million Followers)
Kick-ChannelROSHTEIN (+130,000 Followers)
Real NameIsmael Schwartz
Home CountrySweden
Net WorthUSD 45 Million
Biggest WinUSD 17,5 Mio. (Wanted Dead or A Wild)
Favorite CasinoN1 Casino

What casino websites is Roshtein using?

Today, like many other casino streamers, Roshtein has a partnership with online casinos that he endorses in his streams. Throughout his career, he has played on many different Bitcoin-casino websites like Stake.com, however many of his previous partners were banned in his home country, which is why he was forced to switch his casino several times.

Roshtein primarily plays at N1 Casino, which is a big sponsor of his streams. As a high roller, he needs to have the ability to play with extremely high funds and wagers.

N1 is well-known in the casino community to be the No. 1 choice among big spenders due to its excellent service and variety of payment options.


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Since moving to Kick.com Schwartz is regularly playing at Stake.com again. The famous crypto casino offers one of the biggest selections of games and is also the home of exclusives such as Plinko. Especially, the crypto enthusiast community loves the casino. Unfortunately, the website cannot be accessed from every country.

N1 Casino: Roshtein’s casino of choice   

Due to its accessibility, N1 is becoming more and more popular in the crypto community and also appears frequently in Roshtein’s streams. Casino lovers enjoy the lavish bonus that N1 offers to new customers and praise the brand’s excellent customer service. Those are the main reasons why N1 became the Roshtein Casino that we regularly see in his streams.

N1 accepts a large variety of payment methods that Ismael is regularly taking advantage of. Rosh normally plays with wagers of up to USD 1,000 on Slots and live games such as roulette or blackjack. N1 Casino is therefore the perfect casino for him.

Roshtein at N1 Casino

Stake.com: Roshtein’s partner with obstacles

 Being a crypto enthusiast himself, the world’s biggest casino streamer needs a casino website that offers deposits and withdrawals with said currencies. Stake is extremely popular in the casino community and also offers one of the best selections in the entire market. Due to licensing, the brand is not available in all countries, which is one of the major drawbacks of this casino.

Roshtein’s Casino Deals

We interviewed a series of different casino and streaming experts to get insights into the world of casino streamers and how they earn their money. There are plenty of rumors on casino sponsorships and how streamers actually receive their commissions from their casino partners. We found out: Ismael has had a partnership with Malta’s N1 Casino since 2018 where he has access to exclusive VIP bonuses that basically allow him to play risk-free.

His money is multiplied at the deposit and his wager requirements are merely at 5x, which means that he receives up to 20,000 USD per day for his endorsement. The numbers are not public, but have been confirmed by various other streamers with similar agreements.

How does Roshtein earn money?

A lot of viewers wonder how it is possible to play with those extreme wagers that Schwartz features in his streams. His casino account often shows a balance north of USD 500,000 and fans can confirm that the Swede leaves the casino tables with a profit far from always.

Roshtein is fairly transparent regarding his business model, though. He claims that since the early beginning of his career, Roshtein worked as an affiliate and receives commissions for every new customer that signs up at the partnered casino through his link. The channel viewers sometimes get special offers at various online casinos that he promotes in his streams and on his website.

The casino streamer has never disclosed the exact amounts he received from partners such as N1 Casino and Stake, but experts assume that Roshtein receives up to USD 1 Million per month from his various casino endorsements. 

Roshtein’s net worth

It is not entirely clear how much money Roshtein accumulated over the years. Schwartz himself never speaks about how much money he made from gambling on Kick and other platforms. But streaming experts have made assumptions based on his viewer numbers and data made public by other streamers.

Since he is the biggest casino streamer in the world, Roshtein supposedly is one of the richest streamers in the entire world. His net worth incorporates revenues from his affiliate deals, channel subscriptions, and fixed casino deals. Additionally, he gets to keep all proceeds from his gambling activity, which can be up to USD 200,000 every month.

Therefore, Roshtein’s net worth is estimated at a total of USD 45 Million in 2023. 

Roshtein’s favorite casino games

If you ever watched Roshtein play during his streams, you might have noticed his incredible knowledge of slots. He knows every software provider, and game, and how their bonus features work. Fans love his knowledge of slots, and he can be considered a true trendsetter in the casino gaming community.

If Roshtein deems a game good enough to be featured in his stream, you will find the slot trending in all casino searches. Rosh prefers slots that are extremely volatile and have exciting bonus features.

Among his most played games are Money Train 2, Fruit Party 2 and RIP City. It was essentially him who created the hype around these games in his channel.

Whatever game Roshtein is playing – they become the most played slots across all casino sites. In a recent stream, he admitted that he particularly loves slots by the British gaming creators Push Gaming and Hacksaw Gaming. Their innovative features stick out among all casino games, and some fans even speculate that Roshtein might be affiliated with the latter gaming developer. 

Is Roshtein playing with real money?

There is no clear answer to whether Roshtein’s streams are fake or not. A lot of streaming experts have the suspicion that some of the funds in his casino account might be staged. It is known that thanks to his casino partnerships, he has access to special VIP bonuses and perhaps even casino accounts with a starting balance. 

A lot of critics even claim that some of the slots in his streams are rigged. Our analyses showed that the payout rate in his streams is not suspicious.

Therefore, we conclude that Roshtein is not a fake streamer but receives plenty of help with funding his casino accounts from his sponsoring casinos. 

When and where is Roshtein streaming?

If you want to see Roshtein play slots with your own eyes, you can check out his Kick channel every day between 1 PM and 9 PM CET.

Ismael normally streams at least 6 hours 6 days a week. Lately, he has even had streams that last up to 12 hours to cater to his global casino audience. Every day at 22:22 CET there is a big community drop where viewers can win laptops, iPhones, and other presents. On Kick, Roshtein averages a viewership of more than 21,000 viewers for each of his streams. 

One of the biggest reasons why, Roshtein is so admired in the global casino community is his invention of bonus hunts. During his bonus hunts, Roshtein wagers a set amount of money on the bonus feature of each slot that he and the viewers determined before. The score of each game is visible in the sidebar of his channel window. Fans love the ability to compare the generosity of each machine and are always excited to break new records with Ismael.

Roshtein’s biggest win

Roshtein is no stranger to massive wins during his streams. For years, there has been a race in the casino streaming community in which streamers constantly raised their bets and subsequently increased their wins. The Swede was always among the top winners and cracked some of the biggest jackpots ever recorded in history.

Roshtein after winning USD 17.5 Million

In 2021 Roshtein won a groundbreaking USD 2.5 Million at his favorite slot Fruit Party with a wager of USD 800 per spin. This was only made possible by activating the game’s bonus feature, during which multipliers of up to 300,000x are possible.

In October 2022 this record was broken though when Ismael won USD 17.5 Million in Hacksaw Gaming’s Mega Slot Dead or a Wild on a single spin of USD 1,500.

This jackpot once again confirmed that Roshtein is the biggest casino streamer in the world.