What Casino Website Is Trainwrecks Using in His Streams?

Trainwrecks is one of the biggest streamers in the world that gained a lot of popularity for his Among Us streams. He began his streaming career back in 2015 and slowly but successfully went up the ladder. In 2021, he was the second-highest-paid streamer, which shows his massive raise.

In the past two years, he received a lot of attention for his online gambling live broadcasts. Because of this type of content, he received a ban from Twitch. But, that didn’t stop him as he quickly bounced back after joining Kick and continuing with the casino streams.

Read this article to find out more about Trainwrecks’ online gambling content, where he streams, and much more.

Kick-ChannelTrainwreckstv (+175,000 Followers)
Real NameTyler Faraz Niknam
Home CountryUnited States
ResidenceVancouver, BC
Net WorthUSD 80 Million
Biggest WinUSD 12 Million (Wanted: Dead or a Wild)
Favorite CasinoN1 Casino

What Website Is He Using?

Trainwrecks is wagering at N1 Casino and Stake.com just like most streamers that are popular for online gambling content.

These are the casinos websites where Trainwrecks spends most of his streaming time.


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You might want to know that Ed Craven is the co-owner at both Kick and Stake. Trainwrecks is wagering at Stake since April 2021, long before the appearance of the new streaming platform. His connection with the people behind this crypto casino was one of the reasons for joining Kick.

In the past years N1 has become the primary choice for a lot of streamers as Stake.com got banned in more and more locations.

N1 Casino’s advantage is that the website is available in all countries and offers plenty of different payment methods and bonuses for all levels of players. These are also the main reasons for N1 being the Trainwrecks’ casino of choice.

Trainwrecks is helping N1 Casino to reach out to a larger audience thanks to his major popularity and large fan base. In return, he gets some hefty endorsements. On the other hand, this online casino features a big variety of games, which goes in the streamer’s favour.

Which Games Does He Play?

As an online gambling fanatic, you can catch TrainwrecksTV wagering on all sorts of casino games. However, he is usually spending focusing more on online slots than on the other types. 

You can also see him enjoying live casino games and Plinko. Below we will analyze these games and Trainwrecks’ stream about them.


Wagering on online slots is something that most casino players get involved in. They are super easy to play and can provide some very big wins. This is something that TrainwrecksTV is very much fond of during his streams. 

While watching his slot live broadcasts, you will notice that he is often placing large bets. He likes to wager on different types of slots, which come with stunning graphics and bonus features. Some of the titles that he enjoys more often are the following:

  • Hotel Yeti-Way (Play’n GO)
  • Cursed Seas (Hacksaw Gaming)
  • The Dog House Multihold (Pragmatic Play)
  • Wanted Dead or a Wild (Hacksaw Gaming)
  • Big Bass Hold & Spinner (Reel Kingdom)

We’ve mentioned Hotel Yet-Way from Play’n GO first as that is probably his favourite game. He is often playing it during his streams. It is an online slot that comes with a high volatility level and a maximum possible win of x300,000.

Live Casino Games

Live casino games are a very popular category at N1 Casino and Stake, as well as in the whole iGaming industry. Here, a dealer is conducting the game from a studio through a live stream. Trainwrecks like the gaming experience that these games offer, which is very close to traditional gambling.

So far, we’ve only noticed him playing one live dealer game at Stake. That game is Crazy Time from Evolution Gaming, which is actually a game show.

This is a very simple game that features a spinning wheel with numerous segments. The objective is to guess the segment that the pointer will end up showing after the wheel stops spinning. Most of the segments feature a multiplier, but there are some bonus rounds that you can hit.

During one of TrainwrecksTV’s streams, he managed to hit the Coin Flip bonus round. He wasn’t very lucky at that time as he only got $400 for that round.


We mention Plinko last, as it is a game that Trainwrecks plays less often. It is a unique and simple game that can provide prizes of up to x1,000. It involves a ball that goes from the top to the bottom and bounces around when it hits an obstacle. 

The ball will land on one of the numerous multipliers and you will receive a prize. Trainwrecks like the thrilling gameplay and so do the viewers. During one of his gaming sessions, he was lucky enough to hit the biggest prize. 

Is He Playing With Real Money?

The question that bothers most fans is whether Trainwrecks is using real money during his gambling sessions. This scepticism has to do with the large bets that he places each round. We know that his high-roller style brings a lot of viewers, but that can only be a cheap promo trick.

Most streamers that have deals with N1 Casino receive compensation for their losses. But, the compensation is only while they stream the gambling activities. Also, the casino does not fully cover their losses and they don’t get to keep all of the winnings. 

The money that the casino compensates from the streamers usually goes up to 70%. According to some reports, TrainwrecksTV is the only streamer that gets to keep all of the winnings. 

But, he does not get any compensation for the losses that he suffers in the meantime. So, if we go along with these findings, it seems like he is playing with real money.

What Casino Deal Did He Receive From the Casino?

In February 2022, Trainwrecks stated during a live stream that he is making more than $1 million a month from his sponsors. Now, this was more than a year ago, when he was still streaming on Twitch.

Not long before Twitch announced the ban on all online gambling activity, TrainwrecksTV provided an update on his earnings. He stated that he managed to make more than $360 million in just 16 months promoting online gambling on Twitch.

As part of the deal with Stake, he must stream a certain number of hours while playing games on the featured site. Additionally, he covers all of the losses and gets to keep all of the winnings. Or in other words, he is just like any other player at the casino, apart from the monthly endorsements.

It is worth noting that his biggest win during a single spin is around $22.5 million. He got this incredible sum while wagering on the Might of Ra slot from Pragmatic Play.

Where Does He Stream and When?

As we briefly mentioned in the intro, TrainwrecksTV is streaming on Kick. He chose this new streaming platform as there are no restrictions regarding online gambling content. And because of the fact that it features the same co-owner as Stake.

At this moment, he has over 164,000 followers on this new streaming platform. That puts him in the 4th place on the list of biggest streamers on Kick.

His ban on Twitch is no longer in place and his channel is once again active. But, he rarely streams there because of the harsh online gambling restrictions. Over 2.1 million fans follow him on Twitch, where he streamed more than 12,000 hours.

The slot streams are taking 28.3% of all the streaming time, which is his most streamed category on the platform. During these types of streams, Trainwrecks was gaining 31,305 viewers on average. He reached the biggest number of viewers on May 30, 2021, when he gained a total of 77,207 viewers.