What Casino Website is XQC Using In His Streams?

Felix Lenyel, also known as XQC is the world’s biggest streamer. Since getting famous for his Fortnite and GTA streams, the French-Canadian joined the community of casino streamers in 2021. XQC regularly played slots and other casino games on his channel for more than a year until gambling streams were finally banned on Twitch in autumn 2022.

XQC vanished from the casino community for 6 months until his record-breaking deal with the rising streaming platform Kick.com. Since moving to Kick Felix has been seen playing in online casinos again, and he entertains his viewers with plenty of slot action. In this article, we explain what casino he uses in his streams, what his most played slots are, and how much he received for the exclusive XQC casino deal.

Twitch-ChannelxQc (11.9 Million Followers)
Kick-ChannelxQc (+380,000 Followers)
Real NameFelix Lengyel
Home CountryCanada
ResidenceLondon, OT
Net WorthUSD 120 Million
Biggest WinUSD 1,5 Mio. (Sugar Rush)
Favorite CasinoN1 Casino

What casino website does xQc use?

During his casino streaming times, Felix primarily used two different casinos to play slots. After analyzing hours of video material, our team identified these casino websites: XQC played primarily at N1 Casino and Stake.com. N1 is famous in the streaming community for offering uncomplicated depositing and withdrawal options, and is therefore often used by streamers. The VIP program, which XQC is a part of, offers an excellent service for high rollers and is therefore frequented by many famous internet personalities.


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The website is known for its huge choice of different casino games and is available in Felix’s home country of Canada. Stream Statistics show that the streamer played over 80 hours at N1 Casino.

N1 Casino is famous for signing deals with world-famous streams to promote their website during the stream. A generous payment from N1 Casino was one of the main reasons for xQc to choose the casino website. It is assumed that he received a total of up to $30 Million for playing there. His biggest win of over $3 Million at Magic Cauldron was achieved during a stream at N1 Casino.

In his streams, Lengyel would sometimes switch between slot games and live games such as Roulette and Black Jack. Both providers offer all categories of games and host Felix’s beloved Pragmatic Play slots, too.

One of the most important factors for xQc however was the ability to deposit cryptocurrencies and also to withdraw them into his wallets. His fans know that Canada’s richest streamer is a genuine crypto enthusiast, which makes N1 “the” XQC Casino of choice.

Which Slots did he play?

Even though xQc is not a traditional casino streamer, he used to play slots on his channel between April 2021 and September 2022. With an average of more than 55,000 viewers per stream, he is considered to be among the most successful streamers in the gambling genre.

We investigated his streams and talked with his community to learn about his favorite games, which casino website he used, and how much he won in his slots streams.

Like many other casino streamers, Felix played primarily volatile slots and casino games. His most played slot is Fruit Party by Romanian game developer Pragmatic Play. The game is known for its extremely high volatility and exciting cluster pays feature. When looking at xQc’s Top 5 it becomes clear that the Canadian is a big fan of Pragmatic’s Slots. 4 out of 5 of his most-streamed casino games were made by Pragmatic Play, and he spent up to 4 hours playing the reels on the machines.

We analyzed all of Felix’ casino streams to find out which casino game was the most profitable for him and which one he preferred to play the most. You can see xQc’s Top 5 most played slots below.

GameDeveloperHours PlayedTotal WagerBiggest Win
Fruit PartyPragmatic Play23$2,220,000$350,000
Might of RaPragmatic Play18$1,740,000$1,048,300
Magic CauldronPragmatic Play12$860,000$3,082,350
Joker TroupePush Gaming8$450,000$2,476,960
Sugar RushPragmatic Play6$380,000$1,445,450
xQc’s Top 5 Slots

During his gambling streamer phase, he overall played at over 170 different slot machines. As the average wager per spin was $1100, experts assume that throughout his casino career Felix spent a ludicrous sum $90 Million on casino games.

How much did XQC get from casino websites?

It is an open secret, that casino streamers get paid excessive amounts by casino websites to play during their streams – xQc is no exception. Statistics show that he wagered a total of almost $90 Million on gambling websites. His total wins amount to a total of $72 Million – which would leave him with a negative balance of $18 Million in losses.

We doubt, however, that promoting the casino websites was a bad deal for the 27-year-old. Some critics even say that he might have never played with his own money and was offered an account with money by the gaming providers. Therefore, it is assumed that he received around $30-35 Million for promoting the casinos in his streams. If he was allowed to withdraw from the gambling websites, his total earnings could even reach up $50 Million and contribute to his massive net worth.

In June 2023 XQC signed an exclusive deal with Kick.com which is famous for it’s affiliation to XQC’s casino of choice. It is widely believed that Felix received a deal of $100 Million to play slots on Kick and to exclusively promote Stake in his streams. The deal is not exclusively money he receives for showing gambling streams but it is most certainly a big part of the 2-year contract that finally lured him over to Kick.com.