Adin Ross Girlfriend – Who is he currently dating?

Adin Ross is a popular American streamer that is currently broadcasting on Kick. Fans mostly know him for his highly entertaining NBA and GTA V streams, but also for his gambling content. The latter was one of the main reasons for joining Kick.

He received multiple bans on Twitch for hateful slurs, language, and conduct, whereas the last one in February 2023 was permanent. But, in this article, we will put our focus on the more positive things and reveal Ross’s current and past relationships.

Who Is Adin Ross Dating?

The streamer’s relationship status is currently unknown, but there are some rumours circulating around the media. They mostly mention model and content creator Ski Bri, who appeared in many of Ross’s streams in the past.

He started an e-dating session on his streaming session where several celebrities decided to join in. One of them was Ski Bri, who even declared that she loved to be his girlfriend during the live broadcast. She even tattooed his name on her arm.

Since then the fans have been speculating about their relationship nonstop. However, Adin reveals during a stream that they are not dating, but after all that happened in the past, no one is 100% certain.

Adin Ross’s Past Girlfriends

Ross likes to keep his relationships private, but there are some who are well-known to his subscribers. Below we will mention the most notable girls that he used to date in the past.

Stacey Gould

The streamer met Stacey when he was just starting out in the streaming industry. They found each other through a dating app. But, their relationship didn’t last very long as there were many challenges occurring, mostly as a result of Adin’s thriving career. 

In the end, they broke up as Ross was dedicating more time to his streaming content than to the relationship. We must mention that there is very little information online about Stacey Gould

Corinna Kopf

Next up, we have social media personality and content creator Corinna Kopf. This is a very secretive relationship that Ross denies ever having happened. Fans started speculating about them when they kissed during a live stream. 

Later on, Adin admitted that they were only friends. But, the fans think otherwise as they’ve seen them together in a hot tub and enjoying Valentine’s Day together. Yet, we must mention that Ross rejected Kopf during a live stream, where she asked him to bend her over in the Bahamas. Corinna is also rumored to be in a romance with Twitch’s Hasanabi.

Pamela Gheriafi

The last known girlfriend that Ross dated is Pamela Gheriafi aka Pamibaby. Fans believe that his relationship with Pamela was his most serious so far. Their relationship became public in April 2021 and lasted until October 2022.

Their relationship suffered many controversies, including numerous cheating allegations on Ross’s behalf. At one time he even published videos where he sits in bathtubs with different women.

However, many believe that Ross was the one that ended the relationship with Pamibaby. The reason was her decision to create an OnlyFans account.